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Lol listen here its 4 am and im tired. But thanks for clearing that mystery up. tongue.gif
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Lol, I didn't wanna keep you entertaining Feg. biggrin.gif
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Damn it :evil:





I'm trying to get a used Xonar D2 to record some DHP demos (PCI, because is easier to place and digital coaxial out so I don't have to change the optical cable into my DAC). Can't be bothered adding CMSS though as the installation between different creative cards is quite the hassle.


The worst thing of this idea though is the youtube compression that noticably worsens the sq, imaging. At least it's better than nothing.

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On another note I tend to take those YouTube videos comparing surround modes with a grain of salt. Only due to the compression of audio and such. Whenever possible I like to compare them personally.

To me dh sounded like the rear sounds were just quieter instead of actually virtualized behind me using different timing/frequency of the sounds themselves. That was using my stx. Imho.
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I would happily upload comparisons on another platform if it delivers more than 192kbit

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Well it would be good however don't go out of your way to upload. Is there somewhere you can just post the video files directly? Like maybe Google drive or Google docs?
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Or Dropbox?
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Originally Posted by Sirslicey View Post


I use a pair of AD700's. I place competitive gaming in the highest regard and I'm not sure if the Sound Blaster Z is better than the X-Fi Titanium HD or not. I seem to have mixed reviews on which has best headphone surround, and perhaps the HD has better actual sound quality? I would also like to know if an external DAC/Amp would be necessary. I'm relatively on a budget, but if it's worth the cash, then it's worth it to me.

Are you currently using the T-HD (Titanium HD) or using on-board audio and looking to add the T-HD or SB-Z (Sound Blaster Z)

If your into older games (EAX 5.0) then the T-HD should be better.

What is your budget?

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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post

When did you listen to SBX and compare, MLE? 

I have to apologize to everybody. I mistook the SBX for that Razer surround.

I could've SWORN I heard SBX somewhere though.
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That makes more sense... I couldn't understand why you didn't hear the rear sounds so distinctly. They are so prominent.

I tried Razer surround for 2 minutes and never touched it again. It destroyed sq so much. I don't know why either. Must be resampling?
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Any way I can hear a demo of SBX? Not talking mislabeled binaural youtube vids.
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This is the best video I could find that portrays SBX and its positioning in space.  Only thing is there is no 67% default setting used.  Only 30% or 100%  At 100% sounds tend to be more spacious but less accurate if that makes sense?


It also shows it against a whole variety of other HRTF methods out there.


Play close attention to the fountain test in the beginning, most of the accuracy will show itself there as its a higher(relative to all the explosions and effects) frequency sound with more direction.

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Holy crap, that DH-1 demo was TERRIBLE, and not how DH-1 sounds, AT ALL. That honestly sounds like DH-4, if such a thing existed. Seriously not a good example of DH-1.... AT ALL. Closer to DH-3 than anything (which IS a reverb mess).

Battlefield 3? WORST GAME TO DEMO.

I have to hand it to SBX, it does sound pretty good at 30%, and I could see myself using it without issues. Of course, I'd prefer to do my own testing.

Razer surround sounds as bad as I remembered.

CMSS-3D on the fountain test sounds better than the other CMSS-3D tests. Actually, they all did fairly well in the fountain test, and all failed when on the other tests. BF3 is just bad...

Looks like I may have been too harsh on CMSS-3D, though I blame it on the horrible vids that don't showcase it well, at all.

Perhaps one day I'll have some USB soundcards to tests CMSS-3D, SBX, and whatnot. I know I'm happy with both DH and THX Tru Studio (for the most part).
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Ya I think cmss3d is good for positioning and I would.like it better however in my experience it always affected the eq too much especially in the high end. Muted low frequency sounds too often for it to be "enjoyable". I like explosions and deep effects as it makes games more fun.
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CMSS-3D lowers the bass and ups the highs which also helps accuracy. If you EQ SBX enough you get the same effect, however CMSS-3Ds filters are quite aggressive and drag the quality down in every way that it gets a certain metallic or tin can effect. THX harms the SQ much lesser but it's imaging isn't "geometric" or spheric so it never became an alternative, it was rather weird and incohorent. 


SBX is basically a hybrid of THX TSP and CMSS-3D as in preserving signal quality much better and at the same time not having that strange corridor effect of THX and allowing the user to customize its virtualization. I had a year of intensive DHP with the STX, switched back to CMSS-3D (Titanium HD with THX TSP option as well) with a V200 amp and then went over to SBX and I am very happy even though I miss the legacy strength of the X-Fi series. That's the beauty of SBX. Not having the hall effect of DHP and the signal quality of THX together with cohorent imaging. 

I was looking forward to an external device for consoles but somehow Creative didn't deliver and brought something for Notebooks. 


Oh, and I agree with BF3 not being the best. It's certainly among the best in recordings. The guy who's Xonar D2 I am looking for hasn't replied yet. I'd love to do some recordings of a few games. 

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