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Cheap Neutral Sound

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So I'm looking for a pair of open-ear circumaural headphones that will produce neutral sounds (not bass/treble heavy). They will be used with my laptop and iPhone, so no amp. I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD-598 and they seem to be everything I want, but I want your opinions on similarly priced headphones.

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HD598s would be a pretty good choice.

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akg k240's studios are very flat and neutral and sound great they have been very popular studio headphones for a very long time. Only $93 on amazon right now.

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Err, define what you mean by "cheap."

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The 595 ( which I own ) has a real dip in the 4.2k area. I found this when trying to use eq and tone sweeps to figure out why I didn't like them. The the 598 apparently does not, at least by the graphs. If my 595's were not so dipped  I would like them much more. Very clean low distortion driver. I have eq'd this out and it really helps.  Also if you choose to believe the response graphs they both have a similar low end roll off which I can attest to with the 595. They are both recommended for jazz and classic. Rock dub rap etc. not so much. 

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