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Which amp is best with the JH5s?

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No one here would know that but my Ibasso 3 is known to be a pretty transparent amp meaning it doesn't altar the IEM sound sig but gives it some Oomph!

The amp DOES seem to provide a bit more clarity and refinement which is probably the best thing you would would want an amp to do.


This is only my experience but I'm sure there are other very viable amps for JH5

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How much of a difference does the TWAG cable really make? What changes the most? The mids?

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Go for the gold

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I say go for the JH16 Pro's. I started out with a pair of JH13 Pro's that I use with TWag cable and eventually upgraded to the 16's with Silver Dragon IEM cable. They are warmer sounding with a smoother treble and more open midrange. FWIW, my 13's are clear while the 16's are black. They both work well driven directly by my iPod.

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I ended up waiting a lot longer than I had originally planned, but I've finally ordered some 16's. They should be here in the next couple of weeks and I'll update with my impressions once they arrive. Can't wait to get my hands (ears?) on these things.

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Amp it and you will be floored!

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Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

Amp it and you will be floored!


Right now my only amp is and older version of the HeadRoom Desktop Portable with an upgraded output stage. It's a pretty good sounding amp, not sure how well it will match up with the 16s, but I'm sure it won't sound bad.

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Just got my 16's from FedEx a bit ago. These things are absolutely incredible. I've never heard bass so clean particularly at such a low volume level. With what I've listened to so far I'd have to say they're perfectly balanced for my taste. I'll post more details once I get some more listening time in.

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