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Help me make my iPhone 4 sound like a rockbox'd Clip+ or iRiver H140!

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Sorry guys, yet another newb iPhone question...

Done a fair bit of reading on here and think I have a reasonably good idea of my options. At the moment I have a pair of TF10s and had been pretty happy with the sound until I dug out my old rockbox'd iRiver H140 and couldnt believe what I had been missing. Im a bit of a bass head (a result of being a bass guitarist i guess) and the strength and power to the sound was like night and day. I have since bought a Clip+ for the gym and like the sound on that too but the interface isn't exactly friendly when trying to navigate through 6000 songs!

I've never tried a very high quality headphone source so would probably be happy with the Clip+ sound but from my iphone. I appreciate that there are significantly better sources around but ignorance is bliss and I don't want it getting too expensive! I tried a Fiio E1 (more just for the line controls than anything) and could barely notice any difference with the stock iphone at all. I use Equalizer on my iphone 4 and when I boost the bass (and I'm not talking crazy levels) it just becomes clipped and distorted on both the E1 and iphone amp.

So what I'm looking for is a portable solution to give me clean, powerful, bassy sound with my iphone 4 that will power my custom Dream Earz aud-5x which are on the way (cant wait to make use of that sub bass driver and two bass drivers!). Something with a DAC would be great so I can also use it with my laptop when travelling though I could sacrifice this if there was a considerably more compact solution without one.


So, some options.

Fiio E17. Seems to have plenty of Eq options, reasonably priced and hardly oversized. 


Fiio E11. Is it really that much smaller or lighter that it justifies not having a DAC or as many Eq options? I have seen weight reported from 62g to just shy of the E17s 112g (difference of with or without battery?)


Fiio E5. Tiny and CHEAP with different bass options but will it provide nearly a big enough difference?


ibasso D2+ boa. Seems very highly regarded but a little on the chunky side and no specific Eq options though if I'm running Equalizer on the iphone do I even need an amp with Eq options? There seem to be a few floating round the used market that I could get my hands on.


And the biggest problem is it has to be readily available here in the UK. Unfortunately that limits a number of quality products the are available in the US. Thanks in advance for you help folks!

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Gotta be cheaper to just buy the Clip+ ......

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Try one of the apps.


I like Flacplayer app with my TF10s (with custom NULL cable-brings up the mids.). Seems to bring out the lows.


Also sonicmaxpro is the BBE app, equalizer is good, EQu ok and basic, stereophonic is new, I have it but haven't spent much time on it.



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How about a Voyager?

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Headstage arrow? It has a nice bass boost. 

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I know this is old and not a lot of replies, but I'm in the exact same boat.  I have a pair of TF10s with a custom cable and Complys, an iPhone 4, and lots of high quality music.  Even though it sounds good, I know it could sound so much better.  I also have been mulling over the same Fiio options as the OP, and am wondering what people are thinking.

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