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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post

Another HD 598 owner here, vouching that they sound good amped, and better with a dac/amp combo. smily_headphones1.gif

Do you prefer a ss amp or tube with these? Just curious
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Right now i'm enjoying them with the Woo WA6 tube amp smily_headphones1.gif

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nice. I a.c. going to get the bellari tube amp for mine
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I have had very good results with 2 different hybrid amps.  As far as portable I use an ipod as my source.  My opinion is that they do much better with the e11 than straight from the ipod.  I use a line out though.  when I used a mini to mini patch cord from the headphone output, not much difference. 

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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post

...I haven't found that they benefit much from amp upgrades.
Not like the HD-650 or even HD-600.
I don't know about that. My HD-598s sound twice as good to me with my CEntrance DACport....unless maybe your just using poor quality mp3s.
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The First time i use my HD 598  was from my Samsung Galaxy A3,  and i was so much dissapointed that i regretted having bought these cans , and wanted to sell it for cheap.   No body at all , weak bass, scooped mids, shrill   high mids freq about 3khz to 6khz that give me an awfull ear fattige, not balance sound at all.    Then i give them an oportunity with a Nuforce Icon HDP converter/amp , and the sound really change! much more than i expected.  No more shrill high mids at 3khz to 6khz ,no scooped mids , no wooly weak bass.  I was so surpriced on how a pair of cans like HD 598 can change so much soundwise with an amp.  If somebody had told  me this before i listen by my self, i woudnt have believed.


All can i say is  dont miss to hear the HD with an amp ,  your ears will thank you so much

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I'm shocked how good the HD598 headphones sound straight from the iPhone 6, especially when using the Accudio app.  


I had bought the HD600 with the Apogee Groove DAC/amp, and really enjoyed the sound.  But I saw threads on here saying the HD598 was very similar, and some actually preferred it.  Playing both through the Groove made it clear the HD600 was the superior headphone.


But I can't always play either Sennheiser headphone at home, as my wife can get annoyed hearing them when in the same room (since they're open-backed).  I have an office at work, so I can sit in silence.  So I took the HD598s to work and was shocked how good they sound through my iPhone 6.  I brought them home and did a lot of A/B listening.  The HD598 through the iPhone 6 sounds VERY similar to the HD600 going through the Apogee Groove.  I don't know if this HD598 and iPhone 6 combo is just one of those "magical combinations" or what.  But I'm quite pleased, and will be able to save myself hundreds of dollars returning the HD600s and Apogee Groove.

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Oh, another interesting observation:  The HD598 cans seem a lot more impacted by their positioning on my head.  To get sound similar to the HD600, I have to widen the headband quite a bit, so that the ear pads are as low as possible on my head.  That is, my ears are crammed up into the top part of the ear pads.  If I don't do this, the sound is wide without being "tall."  But with my ears as high as possible in the ear pads, I get the absolute best sound from them.


Anyone else notice this? 

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I have not, sounds a little uncomfortable.
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Originally Posted by Frosty3258 View Post

I have not, sounds a little uncomfortable.

Yeah, it does detract a bit from the HD598's normal excellent comfort.  With my ears centered in the cups, I can almost forget I'm wearing them.  With this alternate positioning, I definitely feel the cups on the top of my ears.  


Then again, maybe I shouldn't say my ears are "crammed" up in there.  It's still more comfortable than quite a number of other pairs of headphones I've tried over the years.  I used that wording mainly to clarify the positioning.

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I will have to try it. These are more sensitive to positioning than other phones I have used.
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Just picked up a 598 and am intrigued by the difference in opinions regarding amped vs unamped. I am currently using my iPhone 6 Plus as my source, but I'm looking to replace it with a dedicated DAP for multiple reasons. Can you all recommend a DAP that will provide the right amount of power for the 598? The Echobox Explorer has been suggested, but I'm a little leary about going with a crowdfunded product that I won't be able to hear anywhere until I own it. Thanks in advance for the feedback!!!
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