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For Sale: [CANADA] HiFiMan RE-0

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Canada / CONUS

I have both a pair of RE-0 and RE-Zero up for sale. They don't get ANY headtime anymore so I need to get them sold.


RE-0 - $50: A bit older than the RE-Zero. Have had it for about 1.5 years now, but I've stopped using them half a year ago. Condition is good. I can't find any fault with the cable, but some might, so I'll just say the cable might have cosmetic wear. Works perfectly and sounds great at this price point. Any detail lover should own a pair. Comes with plastic box, but the box have 2 cracks in them. These cracks were probably from shipping to me.


RE-Zero - $OLD: Almost brand new. When I got them, I tried to justify listening to them, but in the end preferred the RE-0s more for what I listen to. Because of this, they've been sitting in my drawer for over 5 months now. They're also terminated with a TRS plug. No need for adapters to listen to this. You can just plug it into any normal 3.5mm jack. This doesn't come with a box, as it was a combo for buying the HM601. They sound great for those who want detail, but is willing to sacrifice a small bit of detail for more balanced tonal balance. These are SOLD


Both headphones come with all original accessories, including S,M,L single flanged tips, S,M double flanged tips, shirt clip, and filters. Both of the filter sheets are missing 1 filter though.


Buyer pays shipping. I accept paypal gift or add 3%. This is meant for Canadians, but Americans are welcome to by as long as they are willing to pay for shipping. Not looking for trades, but you can make offers. Anything reasonable will be considered.

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Sales pending on the RE-ZEROs

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RE0s are still available

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Hey there, I'm unable to send anymore PM's because I can only send 2 a day. o_o

Would you happen to have MSN to use or would you like me to just post here?

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still available?

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Are RE-0 still available ?

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