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And Moon Audio said they couldn't help because it was too difficult to find a headband that fit the amplitude.  Not really sure why the amplitude would matter (you can pump as much electricity as you want through a piece of metal, right?) but whatever.

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Hi there,


I have the old MK1 pro 700's and I like a lot of clamp force, a lot more then what they came with. I bent the headphone band in a ridiculously overkill way (loop to loop... yes that far) and it worked fine, didn't hurt them one bit. You could easily do the reverse of what I did and bend in the reverse direction for less clamp. Actually doing what I did in reverse would probably be a lot safer than what I did to mine. They are so strong and stiff that a mild stretch such as putting them over a box will do nothing unless left there for a year, I would recommend stretching them relatively flat, in a straight line on a table. The plastic wont stretch but the headband portion will and is made up of very strong metal that will bend, I will even post a pic of how much you can stretch these if your unconvinced.


These cans are the most durable headphone I have ever owned and after six years of use (listening to them now) they are still as great as ever. The headbands coating has mostly come off and the pads have been replaced with XB700 ones (improves bass response to 10hz, comfort and increase isolation massively) The cord is still knot and stretch free after all this time of heavy use!


I am still using these to DJ with and I only just heard there's a MK2. I love my pro 700's so much it might be time for a renewal/upgrade, I wonder what the differences are?


My experience with the Pro 700 are that they do do bass very well and a bit colored/boosted in that way but for the rest of the frequencies they are fairly neutral. They are not super detailed or high definition like other reference headphones but they seam to give me a very full and rich sound that fills all the space in my head as opposed to an analytical separation found in other high end headphones. Yet there is still a clarity about them of which I can clearly hear the differences between MP3,320 vs flac. This though I think is a good thing, Its great to have both types of headphones.


If the mk2's give do the same sort of thing but with better detail I will definitely grab myself a pair.


Edit: wrong headphones compared,


I own the Shure 750DJ and its barely had 10 uses, There's just nothing special about it to me and the construction is so so much worse compared to the tank pro700. Just put them on my head now and wow.. yep selling these soon. soundstage is terrible (very boxy and dull), bass roll off is a lot higher in frequency and they seam very harsh to me. Its like there's a reasonable high and low pass filter on them along with some coloration in the mid/highs that makes them sound sharp to me.

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Thanks, that's really helpful! And I agree that they are extremely durable.

I think I will do the following:

a) Stretch them flat with clamps for a while and see if it helps

b) buy ultrasone signature pro earpad replacements for my mk2s


And yes if you like headphones that clamp, have tons of bass, and can get louder than some cheap iHomes, the mk2s are great!

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i stretched mine across a computer tower for 3 days straight, its an older tower so its really fat, stretched out it formed almost a straight line, now they fit perfect, i can leave them on all day no problem and still get a great seal




i used to advise switching out the pads with m50 pads but im not with it anymore, you really lose alot of bass impact with the m50 pads, this might even be preferable for some because there really is a lot of bass still, it just slams differently, but the comfort goes up by like 10, in any case, find something to stretch them on and leave them alone for a couple of days, trust me it makes all the difference in the world

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Originally Posted by yosister View Post

I replaced the earpads on my 700mk2s with M50 earpads and noticed very little difference, but stuffing the earpads with cotton balls significanty improved their comfort level.



I'm very curious when you used the M50 earpads on your Pro700MK2,  does it degrade the sound quality such as bass, mids-high, sound stage, separtion & ext. noise isolation?

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it degrades the sound isolation and maybe the bass a bit, but tbh the bass is so huge you would never notice it.

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why dont you try stretching over the vertical of the box?i tried it on mine for 2days and it was instantly 30% looser

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I stretched mine over some speakers for a very long time and they are now loose enough, but they're still uncomfortable because of the crappy earpads, circular shape, and general construction.  At least in comparison to my hdj-2000-k.

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