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Hi everyone, i have a ASUS G74 laptop and i really don't like the sound of it ( I have a very old creative audigy zs 2 on my desktop and it's much much better than onboard realtek ) and I've decided to buy an USB sound card. I currently have Sennheiser PC 350 heaphones.


- I listen a lot of music


- I play a lot of games ( Battlefield 3, CS etc.. ) ( I don't want to add extra work for cpu if possible)


- I watch a lot of TV Series ( not many movies, I prefer going cinema )


I've searched a bit about external cards and I've found these


1- Creative Recon3D - $126.69


2- Creative X-FI HD USB - $99.99


3- Creative X-FI Sound Blaster 5.1 Pro - $59.99


4- Creative X-FI Go! Pro - $30.27


I'm thinking about buying a Recon3D however I want to confirm that is it worth buying or should I at least think buying one of the other options ?