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Thanks for the comments! I really do think the N50 is an excellent sounding unit, though imperfect as a streaming device. But hey - it gets the job done, and any improvements on my wish list would probably raise the price considerably. So I still recommend it enthusiastically as long as folks know what they are getting in to with the small screen.

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I thought some people might be interested in this comparison since, at least in Europe, rDac is one the most popular Dac's at the moment for the price of 330 euro (or less) or even up to 380 with Wireless dongle.


Are you sure about that? Seems like price went up 30% and more.

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Yes I am sure about that :) At least in my country one can purchased rDAC for 300-380 euro. And this is a recent drop in price.


We have done some extensive usage of the N-50 during the last several weeks and there are some more findings.


First, after 100+ hours of burn in we have compared the N-50 to rDAC in a more expensive setup. The findings were surprising. The N-50 outplayed the rDAC in almost all aspects and the differences were not subtle anymore. They were very evident. I would rather not start listing the differences, but would say that the general presentation, lows, mids, highs, musicality, depth etc. where on a different level. The DAC is brilliant in this device.


However, I totally agree with Project86. As a network device it has many spots to improve: a) it does not play gapless, b) it is not possible to seek the track, c) it is not possible to return to "now playing" if you start browsing through your files, d) it does not accept .cue, so you either have to listen the hole album from the beginning to the end (remember, no seek :), or you have to convert your album into songs (then no gapless problem arises :) e) the screen is too small f) the application on the smart phone is useful, but could be 10x times better, g) if the player finds a Foobar (or similar) .cue file in the catalog (usually present) it stops and writes "unspecified error" and until you press ok, it does not play next song (usually not a problem because these files are at the end of the catalog) h) When you switch the source it "forgets" what it was playing, so you have to browse again. There are more, but these can be my personal wishes.


However, for the price tag I am totally satisfied with this device. It is built as a tank, looks very nice, and is an excellent sound quality network player. All the disadvantages that I have listed are actually due to the software and my personal prefferences. I hope Pioneer will upgrade the firmware some day and some of these issues will be removed.


Have a nice day :)

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