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So there is no more confusion , no more "gray area" , these are the DIY forum rules .

Break the rules and a moderator will be in contact with you .

Break the rules more than once and you WILL be banned ! The length of the ban will range from a couple of days to permanant depending on the severety of the infraction.


This forum is meant to be a place to share information pertaining to the building and modification of headphone related audio equipment and is NOT a buy and/or sell forum .
There are other places for this (Mall Fi,for Sale forum) and any postings other than for a legitimate group buy of parts with the intention of saving the members some money , or in those instances where a company does not sell parts in small quantities will not be tolerated !
It is not fair to the members that obey the rules and pay a fee to sell their wares to have some knucklhead come along and make a profit at their expense


the practice of "cloning" a viable presently for retail sale commercial product is OK if it is for personal use ONLY and we invite photographs of your handiwork .
What is NOT allowed is the attempt to make a profit on the designs of others unless you have explicit permission from the designer/manufacturer to do so , and such proof should be forwarded to one of the moderators before posting any design details .
This includes printed circuit boards , chassis , parts packages , full kits or schematic diagrams.
There has been some instances of "group buy' for either parts or circuit boards for clones . In this instance the above rule about group purchases does not apply . a profit does not have to be made for the rule to be broken,only the explicit purchase with the intent of mass producing a product clone-even if it is by many members and not just a single individual.
Any attempts to bypass this rule by using "leading'' language or code words will be dealt with severley by the moderating team .
Head-Fi can not afford to have any connection to such a dubious practice.
As it is an area of particular sensitivity, references to said products should not contain the name of the original (eg) Grado RA-1 Clone)


The posting of copyrighted material will not be allowed in the DIY forum unless the posting party has explicit permission to do so from the originator of the material. Provide a link instead to the website where it resides.


Try to limit picture size when posting images!
I know you are proud of your creation but some members here are using dial up connections .
If possible compress the image size and add a link to the full sized versions


If you can't say something nice say nothing at all !





In the end we are here to learn and have fun .keep it civil , do not spoil it for someone else . We are all guests here

thanks for understanding


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