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Adelaide meet

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I was just wondering whether any South Australians were planning/wanting to have a meet this year

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I'd be keen to do something like that.
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Yes please!

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Originally Posted by DeathDomokun View Post

I was just wondering whether any South Australians were planning/wanting to have a meet this year

Who will organise?  When and where?  I am jumping up and down in anticipation.

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No idea Wolfdog, I just know I'd like to attend a meet here in Adelaide. I don't know how I'd go about organising one, as my organisational skills aren't the best, so if someone wants to volunteer then by all means go ahead.

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Great idea DeathDomokun,


I am keen to have an Adelaide meet, in fact I've been meaning to try and organise one since early in the year (it was one of my new years resolution for 2012 tongue_smile.gif).


I've got a little list of members that I think are all South Aussies, so I can try contacting them.


I also have a venue suggestion in the city, the Adelaide South West Community Centre near Whitmore Square on Sturt Street.


It would be great if we could catch up and get to know some of the local members!

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I'm Excited.jpg

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So to keep the ball rolling and see if we can attract more people to our meeting, what sort of gear can you bring to the meeting?


Here is my list:


- GRADO RS1 (Classic w/ buttons)

- GRADO RS2 (Classic A w/ buttons) featuring a non-swivel headband fitted with JMoney V3.

- Sennheiser HD600 w/ Black Drivers


- Objective2 amp

- RA1 BB Clone amp


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LCD2 rev 2

Meier Audio Concerto

Meier Audio StageDAC

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HD448 - Modded

T50RP - Modded, but still no where near the sound I was hoping for


A second O2...

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can i be invited in too?!

i am currently studying in adelaide


my focus is on IEMs though


i have

2 x UM3xRC with Whiplash hybrid TWcu & TWag V2

1 x UE TF10 with crystal picolino cabl


1 x ALO RX

1 x Audinst AMP-HP


1 x crystal picolino LOD

1 x crystal picolino Mini-Mini


1 x Colorcly C4

1 x Cowon X7

1 x Ipod Classic




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Everyone in Adelaide is encouraged to show interest.

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I want a invite too :) 


Audio Technica ATH-PRO 500
Grado SR60 
V-Moda Vibes 
Bose (somethings....)
Sony Ex1000
Headphone Amp Inventory
Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1
Fiio E6
Fiio E5
Source Inventory
Hisound studio 
IPod Touch 4G 32GB
IPod Nano ?G 16G
IPod Nano 1G 2G
IPod Nano 6G 16G
Cable Inventory
Fiio L9
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