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Originally Posted by LizardKing1 View Post

That looks like you covered the entire thing in solder.


daman... Did you cover the entire thing in solder? mad.gif


Seriously now, I'm not complaining about your work, it must have been really meticulous to use such a small plug. So you used silver epoxy? By the way, next time try to clean the cover of the wire by passing the solder wire through it. I also assume the plug on the right is the old one, right?

The connector is covered with clear epoxy. It has lasted well for 3 years already. I don't know why you think it's covered in solder or silver epoxy???


Some headphone wires got a coating that won't burn away easily. It just causes the strands to heat up and then melts the insulation. Then you need to scratch away the coating just like I did. Some cables got a weaker coating on the strands that you can easily burn away with a blob of solder on the soldering iron.


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Got my materials yesterday. Now to find some spare time...

I'll put up process pics when I finish.

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Keep us updated.

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Here's what I've done so far. The heatshrink was too large, so I used what was lying around (which happened to be 4" long 1/4" black sections and 12" clear sections, which lets you see the wires tongue.gif). My question is: should I use some kind of insulation to solidify the solder area (fill it with epoxy or something)?




photo 2.JPG


photo 3.JPG

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I like to cover the solder joints on connectors with heatshrink. You can use epoxy or hot glue as well, since the main goal is to give stability to the joint and isolate the different conductors.

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They live!




The clear heatshrink sections were a bit short, so I used electrical tape to cover the remaining inches. I didn't reinforce the plug yet since it seems relatively sturdy - I plan to if I encounter problems. Many thanks for the help!

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Since the drivers can be popped off with no damage at all, I may try placing them in my UR40 chassis and see how they sound, and get some KSC75s to put in the Portas' headband if successful.

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