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For Sale:
SOLD: For Sale: Sony XB700

Will Ship To: Continental US





I am offering a pair of Sony MDR-XB700 Extra Bass headphones up for sale.


Currently, Sony has had these on extreme backorder due to everyone selling out of them, and they don't expect to ship any more units to vendors until 4/08/2012, from the last update I had read. The only retailors that even come up on a google search when trying to find them for purchase are either:


1.) backordered or

2.) fradulent businesses that I would not trust, which are all backordered as well.


I honestly just purchased them from another user on the forums here, got them in the mail today, and have decided that they are not my thing. First off, these things are HUGE, I have a big head and I don't even have to click the headband up two clicks for it to fit me, and the pleather cups engulf the sides of your head when you put them on. They seem relatively well made for the price point they are in, with a pleather head band that has some padding near the center. The side arms of the head band are metal and are attached to a moving plastic insert which is where you adjust the headband to fit. The connecters and certain parts of the cups are metal, and some other parts are metallic finished plastic. The last owner did not send the packaging with them, so the headphones are by themselves.


They have an extreme amount of bass for headphones in this price point, and honestly they do have relatively good mids and treble as well. I just found that for the types of music I listen to, that these headphones are not the correct fit.


I am asking for $65 for them. 


Thanks for looking,


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