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Issue with brand new Pro 900s

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So I just got my new Pro 900s in the mail today, and I was pretty excited until I put them on. The vocals and bass were pretty much non existent, and everything else sounded muddled. It's like one the drivers isn't working or something.


Am I missing something here? Or do I just have a defective pair? Any input from other owners or someone who had a similar experience would be much appreciated!



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How are you running them?


I found that even going straight from an iPod, for example, you get reasonable sound out of them. Adding a small amp, greatly improves the sound, and adding a dedicated desktop amp really makes them shine.


They are bass-heavy headphones, and you can even get that impression un-amped. So, I am curious how you're running them.

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The S-Logic system Ultrasone uses is a hit or miss affair. Perhaps it's not working for you.

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Make sure the pads are not loose. Many has had the same problem. Take them off and put them on properly.

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Thanks for the quick responses, I will try adjusting the pads and see if that does anything. I'm running them through an E11 out of my iPod. And it's not a matter of sound preference or anything like that, the sound is messed up somehow like one of the drivers is broken. I thought at first I didn't have the cable screwed in tight enough or something. You know when you only plug your headphone jack in halfway or so and you only get part of the sound? It sounds like that except I'm 100% positive everything is attached securely.Also, I have tried the other coiled cable and running them from my computer with the same results.

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From what you're describing, it definitely doesn't sound right.


The cable must definitely be screwed in all the way, until it stops, to be certain it's seated correctly.


Since you've tried more than one input, that rules out something wrong with the source. I also have an e11, and it improves the sound substantially over running straight out of the iPod.


Out of curiosity, do you have another source which has a 1/4" headphone jack? You may want to try using the other cable to eliminate the possibility that you're 1/8" cable is faulty.

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I'd thoroughly ensure the cable is screwed into the headphones properly. Many have had the same issue. I had to forcefully push and turn to get it in properly. Scariest moment of my life.
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Oops. Sorry. I didn't catch your last sentence about trying both cables and achieving the same result.


The only thing I can tell you in that regard, is to make sure the cables are screwed in all the way until they stop.


Short of that, it sounds like you received a defective pair.

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Well I'm thinking the jack connector is broken. I screwed it in as tight as possible to the point it wouldn't turn anymore. I noticed while they were plugged in and i screwed the cable on they actually sounded a little better about half way in (still nothing close to what it should be), but fully connected it was worse. So I'll be returning them to Amazon for another pair or possibly a different brand as I think I somewhat overpaid at just shy of $500.


Anyway, I appreciate the input.

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$500? OUCH!


If you decide to stick with the Pro 900s, get them from B&H Photo for $306. That's where I purchased mine. I've purchased a number of items from B&H over the last 10 years or more. They are well-rated as a vendor and I've never had any problems. If they had the same price at Amazon, I'd go with them. But for a $200 difference, definitely... B&H...





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The cable has to be jammed way to the top of the socket before you start to turn it. If you do not do that, it will still screw tight and seem secure, but it is not making full contact.

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Yes $500 IS A LOT for the pro 900's.  I got them from amazon at around $320 or something like that!.  Prices fluctuate every day you should try returning them and getting one for around that price.  Try B&H also as someone mentioned.

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Bah, cheapest are $550 in Sweden. For me, under $500 is a great deal for them if they are new. $300 is a steal. biggrin.gif



Originally Posted by priest View Post

The cable has to be jammed way to the top of the socket before you start to turn it. If you do not do that, it will still screw tight and seem secure, but it is not making full contact.

I noticed that myself. I had to push with a bit of force to make it contact.

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