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Hello DonkeyRhubarb, i just got the ie 60 , i read all the review and i was surprised to know that you went through the exactly same process !
I was in Madrid Airport wet to the shop and got them then opened and wear them and it was a big slap in my face to hear this harsh mid highs and lack of low end...
After i changed the tips for the big sized i started to change my mind..
Is so important to point this out, the headphones wont give the right definition with the small ones they need a room to work as the company say.
I have just a question, what is the difference between the double rubber and the single rubber tips? 
Now im making the burn with that program you posted, thank you.
Hope to get them smooth for the next times.

Overall i think as you say, we need to give them time to adjust, i am a dj and i tried them in a super noisy club where i played yesterday and i was super surprised of how god they isolate !

Also i discovered that is realy important to have a high quality dac to really listen to the quality this ie provide.



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