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Sennheiser IE60 Review - Page 3

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Not bright, not a good treble in two words:)

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i just got these couple of weeks ago, and the bass just keep on getting better the more i use them, i would say treble is bit rough but not by much. also the isolation is EXCELLENT i can listen to a moderately high volume and still its leaking almost nothing. Bass is also punchy and  detailed at the same time, one bad thing wich i really dont like is the seal, they are pretty hard to get good seal on and also they keep popping out from your ear if you run or ride a bike for example, but for sitting or walking they do mediocre.

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Try different tips, not from Sennheiser.

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where can you get 3rd party tips? etysmile.gif

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From another phones. JVC, Mee, HFM has a good tips for example.

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Is there any sibilance? Is it a bit just a bit bassy

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will they fit  confused_face(1).gif

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The ones I use are the Ultimate Ears single flange tips meant for the TF10. They fit the IE60 and my ears rather well.


http://www.logitech.com/en-us/ue/ue-earphones/accessories  (grey tips near the bottom)

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How will they compare to the standard ones? 

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For me, the only original pair I managed to get a good seal with was the dual flange tips but they had poor isolation. The UE tips offer a good seal with better isolation.

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the standard tips (stock, medium size) provided the best bass and overall seal and SQ, the dual things were VERY uncomfortable, maybe i'll look into those tips at some point, thanks for the tip.

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Me-electronics tips will also fit. Their dual flange tips are softer and better fitting than the originals.



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hmm....i have found that if i use the largest tips they will fall off from my ears.....

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Hello guys, yamaha eph100 is it level IE60 or not? 

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Hi guys


I am hoping to either get the IE60 or the IE80.


What I understand is that they are similar, same drivers etc expect the ie80 has an removable cable and a bass frequency controller.


Do you think other than the two mentioned things, it's worth to upgrade the ie60 to the 80s?

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