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I could not find an existing thread on this one...


Music Hall have just introduced a budget priced DAC - the 15.2. It has USB, optical and coax inputs and uses the PCM1796 chip. Given the specs and price it would seem to be a competitor to the Project DAC Box USB which I currently use, but the latter is limited to 16 bit, 48 khz via USB. The new Music Hall DAC, however will allow 24 bit, 96 khz via USB.


I know the Music Hall 25.3 DAC has had mixed reviews and I think that some feel the tube in that model actually makes things worse rather than better. But the 15.2 DAC like the Project is 100% solid state. Furthermore, there would be the opportunity to substantially upgrade the power supply, since it has a 12 volt DC input, unlike the DAC 25.3 which has an AC input only.


I'd be interested to know if anyone is thinking of buying this or if anyone has heard it and would like to share their impressions. If anything, the introduction of this DAC makes for yet another budget DAC capable of processing 24 bit via USB, so hopefully Project will realise their current range of DACs is now uncompetitive (limited as they are to 16 bits via USB) - so hopefully we might see some new models from them later this year too.