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Nokia X2-02

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I found that this phone is very good as portable mp3 player. Sound is ridicously good for the price.


Plus player control on the edge of the phone make it easy to use it.


I would reccomend it to everybody who is low on money and searching for good mp3 player.









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There are more inexpensive Nokia models,which surprise user with their good SQ.You have to connect decent head/earphones instead of supplied headset,use mobile build-in mike for conversations and you will  need nothing more.

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maybe x1-01 and x2-02 have the same hardware for good sq..  benchmark for cellphone with good sq is still the old N91..

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i use sennheiser ie8 with my x2-02


sound is flawless


cheaper models like x1-01 maybe have same sound hardware, but they are not as convenient in role of the cell phone... :)

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Can you fwd, rew while the music is playing?With the X1-01 you can't.How is the SQ and battery life compared with the X1-01 with both sims active.Thanks

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I have a x2-00, it sucks like hell.

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Originally Posted by echizen12 View Post

I have a x2-00, it sucks like hell.

for a phone maybe but the sound is quite good... i even prefer my retired xpressmusic 5200(ithink) than my iPhone/itouch

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I don't know, I compared it to a walkman and that's when I realized the the SQ sucks. I really don't compare a lot (I only get the chance from friends and cousins). It's my mom's phone originally but I said I think we should swap phone since she really don't use the phone to it's full extent. It's still the player I use and I'm planning to buy a fuze and give the phone back to her.

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never owned any of the sony walkman series, beside there's a lot of them, which one are you refering to? i tihink its not fair comparing say a $100 dollar pure MP3 player to a sub $100 phone, yes a phone not a mp3 player,,, the sansa fuze is highly praised here (except for its battery life), though i dont own one, i do enjoy my clip zip to the fullest extend, cheers


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I think it's from the S or E series. well may'be that was a little bit unfair to compare but the player is the only thing I need in a phone and maybe a wifi, this phone does not have a wifi. and if it doesn't have that great SQ, then it's useless for me. About the camera, it's pretty decent for a phone's camera. But if you are looking for a useful phone, Orange San Francisco !! and then get a clip or fuze. 

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What is battery life with Nokia X2-02?I have X1-01 but you cannot frw or rew songs, wich is weird.Also you can upgrade the firmware of x2-02 easier via usb port, plus the built in fm transmiter wich is a nice bonus.

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I agree with OP. I bought X2-02 and it sounds very good. Now I'm not using Clip+. I can say X2 almost equal to Clip+. It sounds little bit sweet than Clip+


I'm using with Brainwavz M2 IEM

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