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Yes with difficult to drive headphones a good quality amp will give more control to the drivers which results in better bass, less sibilance etc.

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So then it would be an unfair comparison to say VERZA > E11 in the first place, no?

I would say the unfair comparison is based on the price difference, but comparing overall SQ seems okay to me as it is part of the package.  As you mentioned in your C5 review, the O2 is your reference amp, Verza is my reference amp.

Well yeah...the O2 is another amp so I'm comparing an amp with an amp, not a DAC and amp with an amp. If I wanted to compare a DAC, I simply switch out the ODAC. You cannot do so with the VERZA so you're essentially comparing two different things. I used the ODAC as a common DAC between my O2 and C5 comparisons, or the iPhone DAC for those comparisons. The only thing I changed for my comparisons was the amp and the amp only; cables, sources, DAC were all the same. You're comparing the VERZA amp and DAC to an iPhone DAC and E11, and using different cables if that makes a difference.

The VERZA is your reference DAC and amp, not just an amp. The ODAC is my reference DAC and the O2 is my reference amp.
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Any of you guys running any vintage amps for your headphone amplification? 


You should.................

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Any of you guys running any vintage amps for your headphone amplification? 


You should.................


Don't most vintage amps have high impedance? I would have thought this would make the SQ worse for headphones.

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Don't most vintage amps have high impedance? I would have thought this would make the SQ worse for headphones.

Honestly I am ignorant about the whole impedance thing so there is that.

Purely comparing how multiple phones sound coming out of an old integrated amp (Kenwoods and Pioneers) versus various FiiO's, a JDS Labs C421, and a Schiit Magni, the sound and bass is considerably better. Just trying to spread the vintage word......

For the price, the Kenwood I started with cost $70 and against the Magni ($100) it was night and day. The only downside is size, but for your home setup it may not matter.

The power out of a vintage headphone jack has to be experienced. They make great headphone amps.
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I quite like the headphone jack on my NAD 326bee with some headphones, low impedance headphones seem to sound bad out of it though.

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Speaking of amps, I've tried plugging headphones directly into the line-out of a DAC (no amp) and still got sufficient volume, although everything sounded a little soft (in the mushy sense, not lack of loudness). A non-audiophile probably wouldn't notice.
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I hear you on the art, in the future we will have much more options.  Remember, you can use photos too it just dithers, or go to istockphoto they have lots of resources. Or go to our http://Facebook.com/VMODA and look at the customs, you can request one of them.  This one was sick, I want it!

Hey, cool video. Highlights a big thing about V-MODA for me... Top flight sound, no compromises there as closed headphones ~$300, but also you thought out of the box to offer new value. Love the case and interchangable cable for my LPs, I feel I need to replace that pair since I lost it somewhere at my Granddad's.

I did see that custom drawing on the samples page, it is positively sick! However, I want to take the opportunity to make a logo for my gaming clan. And if those samples can be ordered by others, that kinda makes it easy if ever we go to a LAN event and want our team unified with some V-MODAs. At the least it just feels awesome to have the option to be extra-personal. I'm ordering today, my design is ALRIGHT but I'm going to redraft it in Illustrator real quick. Hope you're feelin great today!
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Haha, my bad... I looked back at the other page and spotted Adman164's location in the post above yours :-(  It's not $400, but still, it's not gonna be 9 for you either. Haha, here I was happy to be helping...

As for with the 4S, I've got the i Phone 4 and my M100s sounded great out of it. I was really happy with the sound, at least compared to my stock Galaxy S3. But like I mentioned, since buying the M100s I have gotten an iBasso D42 DAC+AMP combo and man can I ever tell you it sounds great. I use mine on the commute to work (bus or train) and have used it for one flight so far and can assure you that it sounds better than stock in those environments. I'm not a big micro-detail guy, I'm happy when the music sounds as real as I can get it, and the D42 gets that across while I'm not just in quite listening environments.

YMMV and cost is important, but I wouldn't write off $300 to get what I've gotten with the iBasso just because you're talking about spending $700 with the Verza and that not working for you. If you're only looking at the iPhone + Verza combo, then I'd go iPhone only just like you're thinking, but if you're willing to consider other options then that's where I sit.
Benny, I don't own a smartphone just yet, just an iPad and older iPod Video. I haven't read up on the D42 kit you mentioned yet (is that a stand-alone MP3 player or a DAC + amp that works with smartphones?), but an iPhone is already the route I'm taking for my next device. I'll look into it tho. We'll see right?

This thread moves too fast for me, lol. Two pages in one day!
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 an iPhone is already the route I'm taking for my next device. I'll look into it tho. We'll see right?
I can't imagine using anything but an Iphone based on the ease of use and Itunes interface.  Apple Plus files sound as good as I would ever need or want and don't use an insane amount of storage (32 gig is filled, wish I had a 64 gig as I needed to make some difficult deletions recently).  I finally have Vamp working perfectly after several trips back to V-Moda and just replaced my static-ridden Iphone 4 with.....a brand new Iphone 4 so I can keep Vamp (Apple sold me a brand new one with no contract for $149 since mine was defective).  It may sound back asswards vs. upgrading to Iphone 5, but that's how much I like Vamp and the single-unit form factor matched with Iphone 4.  Also, I would have spent the same $150 for just the metallo case and lightning to USB connector, plus the Iphone 5 cost.  It's hard to believe Vamp is old news and no longer in production as it seems like yesterday it was buzzing on Head-fi as cutting edge.
I have Verza (which sounds even bettter than Vamp) in a safe place if Iphone 6 turns out to be all that.  Short of an upgrade to the Sig DJ, M100+Iphone+Vamp/Verza = portable listening nirvana.  I imagine one could get close with an amp like the C5, E12 or C&C, but I believe the DAC in the V-Moda amps adds detail and openness that an amp alone wouldn't provide and they are the only portable DAC/amp combos on the market that are actually pocketable.
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Was just browsing Amazon and found the coil pro cable. 


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Yee, the Boom Pro Mic and Coil Pro cables are available on their website for $30 each.

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I hear you about the sync-and-go goodness of the iPhone, and of course the iTunes Music Store makes new music so easy. Also, I can't get through more than like a gig of music in a day, BUT I like variety and the ability to choose from my library. I'm torn between buying an unlocked iPhone 4S on eBay and getting one of the cheap T-Mobile plans, mostly I use texting and about two calls a week, OR going with AT&T's superior service and a subsidized iPhone 5, and waiting till a Lightning-compatible Verza (or similar) comes out. Sure there are obstacles, but once those are overcome, the Lightning port seems ideal for connection to an external DAC. Another thing I've heard is the headphone port on an iPhone 5 is really good though, good enough in a practical sense that I could hook it to my launch-version E12 and reach audio Nirvana.

Btw, I spent 45 minutes or something on my shield design, it's about ready. Ok to show it here?
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Originally Posted by adman164 View Post

Personally I really like the bass on the M100, lots of punch, reaches pretty deep. It does have quite a bit of emphasis and interferes with the mids a little, but for the right genres I find it perfect. As I've mentioned before I can eq it down a little with power amp on my phone and it still retains its quality but becomes more balanced with the rest of the spectrum, making it enjoyable for all genres.The m80's bass is lesser in quantity and does not reach quite as deep, but I also find it very enjoyable. I believe it is about 3 db above neutral which is goes down well with me. I doubt I have the keenest ears but that's roughly how I hear it! Hope this helps a little.
Oh from an aesthetics perspective I really love the white, I have a white M100 and a shadow M80, and personally I prefer the looks of the white, despite the fact it is indeed an off-white colour.

I agree! I notice I could feel the M80's low end a little more, it punches harder. Sadly my M100 are sent for repair, but the good part is that I am getting a white silver in exchange. After looking at it carefully the white is so beautiful! What color shield look better, the blue or the red? I currently have the Gold shields. What color would look good for a tall, little bulky male? Haha Miceblue was right about the white! But I dont mind the white creme color. Thanks Guys!

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Yeah that's probably my issue as I don't have any headphones that are difficult to drive, so it's really difficult to tell the difference between amps.  But my point was that amps are meant to change the sound sig and I think everyone agrees on that, even if I didn't explain my point well enough.  You did it for me. :)  So thanks.


So is there much of a synergy difference between the Fiio E07Ks and the E12s with the M-100s?
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I used to have the e07k but I moved to the e12. The sound on my m100's is now stronger and truer to me. The bass seems a little tighter as well. I don't really miss the DAC portion of the e07k.
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