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I tried both the HE 400's and M100's in shop and listened to my EDM playlist mostly consisting of DnB / Liquid and I much prefer the M100's




Well the HE 400's were detailed, airy, large soundstage but this made them much less engaging and distant sounding (I tried them on various amps including a tube amp)


The M100's had a textured, clear, and extended bass (A real signature sound I have never heard before), engaging, and it was difficult to find anything I did not like about the signature.


With EDM I believe instrument separation, soundstage and resolution is less important, I think that is why I choose the M100's. I don't listen to any recordings, all synths so that's why clarity, bass extension and transient response are important to me. After listening to these two headphones I can see how someone's taste in music will influence their choice.

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↑ there's a lot of truth behind your closing sentence. Pretty much all of my friends who were in to rap, pop, and EDM loved the M-100's. One of them was looking for a great budget headphone under $80. After hearing the M-100's, he immediately began saving for them.


Dont get me wrong, I've always thought they sounded rediculously awsome with some music; unfortunately, the stuff it's good at is not what I typically listen to.

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I've been using an Aune T1 with a Genalex – Gold Lion E88CC/6922 tube to replace my laptops soundcard and I have to say it has been an enjoyable experience this past week.  The tube really gives the bass the impact I felt was missing compared to some sources I tried other than my laptop.  The difference is not night and day, but the headphones are definitely more fun and engaging than before for me.  I've also noticed some details like the reverberations of certain instruments I never heard before.  Keep in mind I also use a torn in half cotton round rolled up in the top of each earcup for comfort reasons.  This is my perfect basshead can now.

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I supposed hipster DJs might be cashed up now they only need serato and a memory stick of illegally downloaded tunes. But $1k for the Sig DJ? Why market it as a DJ HP? At that price thats one well fed DJ!
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Originally Posted by 10DeeQ View Post

hi, im ordering custom shield for the M100

can anybody please tell me what is the correct size for it ?
i really want to put this basketball logo 

but i can't make it bigger to fit the shield template properly

and also this pic is a little bit "noisy"

can someone please edit it for me ?
i don't have any Photoshop on my mac right now :(


thank you so much.



Your image is really low res so this is the best I could do.  You can summit the psd file (NOT the png) to V-moda if you want.





798k .psd file
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Originally Posted by jmsilva22 View Post

Hmmm...still reluctant to accept the fact that I may have to stuff with paper towel my soon to have $300+ headphones. I hope the XL pads are available SOON. Also, it's time for V-Moda to offer other earpad options like velvet or other similar fabrics. C'mon...



mmm... I really agree this this statement. I'm sure maybe the M100 fits the majority of people without any problems, but for me personally, these are not headphones that I can fall asleep on bus/train/airplane wearing. the inside of the earcup presses against my outer ear & I consider my ears to be normal-sized, not rly sticking out. So basically, after 30 minutes of wearing it gets slightly irritating & after 1 hour, I need a break. If I wear em for 2hrs+ the outer edges of my ears turn red.


Sure, I really love the style & sound quality of these headphones, but I feel this comfort issue is so disappointing. There's tons of ways around it: designing the earcup depth to be slightly deeper or having the inside driver at a slant like the sony mdr-1r, or using some material over the driver so it's not so hard, or even just offering thicker earpads. I feel like comfort is the next most important thing after sound quality, and it's kind of sad that v-moda is satisfied stopping at comfort for the "majority" of users rather than trying to maximize comfort for everyone.


I feel like that may be why headphones that hypothetically don't sound as great can attract such a larger mainstream appeal. I've tried the Bose QC15 & Beats studio and they are both have deep earcups and very soft fabric covering the driver, so no irritation/pressure. My personal most expensive headphones are the Audio-technica ANC7 ($120, 6 years ago), kinda dorky looking, but super comfortable.


While the M100 does sound better than my ANC7s, it's kinda hard to justify spending so much money on something that you have to mod to get to fit correctly. I think vmoda is a great company & these are great headphones, I just hope they do try to address this issue (while it may only be affecting a minority of users, it's kinda big deal for us) with better earpads or modify the design of their next headphone offering. They could probably even make the earpads different colors, so people who like to customize w/ shields can match their earpads lol.

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They do have different colours, white grey and black.

And the issue is being address via DD Pads (Double Deep?) from V Moda.
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I still like the fit of the M100s.  They are very sleek and 'snug'.  


Like most people report, they're not headphones that I can wear for more than an hour without taking a break, but I don't see that as an issue.  I just take them off for a bit and then put them back on.  For mobile use I think it's worth it to have them so sleek.

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Originally Posted by Apo0th3karY View Post

And the issue is being address via DD Pads (Double Deep?) from V Moda.
they really need to get those pads released, that would fix my only problem with the m-100
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Hey i'm new in the head fi community (literally like 1 minute ago i signed up). I was wondering if these headphones were good for me. i have some slick designs for the shields but I don't know if the sound would fit me. Here are some of the songs a listen too. (most songs will be related to these 3).


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZX6Q-Bj_xg Take a walk - passion pit


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwSkC85TDgY - Disconnected Pegboard Nerds


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-yValw_UbE - Heaven O.A.R


Oh and if these are for me tell me which design is good.

[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PJdBBKc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/YdmLQQJ.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7aQQSSs.jpg[/IMG]

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Originally Posted by dbdynsty25 View Post


I'm not having any pain, and I have a normal sized head I think (7 1/4 hat) and I have it down one click on each side too.  These things are not made for people with small heads it appears.

This is quite true!  My daughter, who has a small head, loved the sound but could not make them work for her.  She ended up returning them to V-Moda.


Just wanted to call out to V-Moda for GREAT customer service!  They took the headphones back with no issues (she'd worn them 4 times, a couple times with an aftermarket pad on top).


V-Moda ROCKS!  They gave me a full refund for the purchase.  Now if they can just make a version for people with smaller heads...

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Originally Posted by Craigster75 View Post

If anyone is on the fence about the M-100, I recently received Ultrasone Signature DJs which list for $1,000 and have been A/Bing with my M-100.  The M-100 has a similar signature to the Sig DJ.  Of course, the Sig DJ is more refined and spacious with better detail and airy treble.  However, I can't say enough how admirably and respectably the M-100 performs in comparison to a $1,000 headphone.  IMO, the M-100 is the best sound/cost ratio headphone in its price range available today, especially if you are a fan of quality impactful bass.



Ok guys, when ordering from US, would you buy it from VModa's website or from Amazon?

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Originally Posted by jmsilva22 View Post



Ok guys, when ordering from US, would you buy it from VModa's website or from Amazon?

I ordered from V-Moda direct.  You'll want to do this if you are having custom shields engraved.  If shields engraving is not an issue, Amazon should be fine.

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I linked a pic form their facebook that should still be in this thread's images.


f you order form their website you'll get free custom shields and VIP faders - the same deal as the pre-order. 

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Nice. Thanks guys.

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