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So ugh my trusty 2008 Sony S639 finally died this week, I loved this player and used it virtually everyday.  Hell I am still in mourning. :(



Well now I need a new unit and first off do not really want to spend more than 300 bones. I am leaning on the well regarded Cowon J3 (32GB version in my hood is about $315) or surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant(16GB for about $225) all voodoo'd up n such. The Android which I would have no intention of using as a phone sounds like an intriguing option and is quite abit cheaper and probably more functional. BUT there is always that question of sound quality.


I was using some of the time a E11 amp with my Sony through a LOD, I would like to trim the amp fat. Current favoured 'phones are ER4PT, Monster Coppers, Brainwavz B2's and HD 25 Originals.



Any input is appreciated as well as other reasonable suggestions. Thanks all.