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J3 Battery problem during power off....or sleep mode

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Question about the J3 "Sleep Mode" option.  Last night, when finished listening, I clicked the on-screen power button, and chose the Sleep Mode option.  At that time I had 100-75% battery (since it seems to only show battery in 25% increments).  This morning, less than 8 hours later, the J3 was totally dead -- had to plug it into the charger.


I was assuming Sleep Mode would use so little power as to allow it to last over-night -- maybe I was wrong.  Does that sound right for the Sleep Mode?  Should I just power off when I know I won't use the J3 for at least 2-3 hours? 


Well i tried power off too but seems to behave the same way...


dus this mean the j3 baterry is defective?


but i seem to get decent battery life during playback...

Any help appreciated guys...!!!

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The J3's battery seems to need some kind of warm up. It drains fast the first couple charges.

I don't know anything about batteries though, so i can't really say.

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^, yes J3 battery acts funny sometimes.  Majority of the time the Sleep mode works as expected, even after 48-72 hours of sleep.  But every now and then (and it only happens to me when the battery is showing 50% or less) sleep mode completely drains the battery and it is dead.  I've had my J3 for about 4 months now, and it happens less and less -- happened 3 or 4 times the first month I had it.


I also think it is odd that for such a nice player and (IMO) interface, the battery only shows 25% power increments -- you would think 1% increments would be an obvious and easy choice!

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haha just today my J3 did the same thing and I thought dam it, I need to go back to headfi and look up some info on this problem again

I tested regular playback, and it was able to go on for 55+ hours with EQ on, and yet it sometimes dies in one night on sleep =.=

Very inconsistent indeed...this is pretty much my only problem with the J3 =/

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I have the same problem with the sleep mode draining the battery.  I like the fact that the j3 stops playing after setting the sleep mode but hate the battery drain.  Maybe they will provide a f/w fix somewhere down the line for this issue.  I use flac files, and with this battery issue, my j3 doesn't last that long a single charge.  Lately, I've been turning it off manually.


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