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For Sale: Centrance Dacport LX

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For Sale:
Centrance Dacport LX

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Un f-ing believable sound from this tiny unit.  I REALLY don't want to sell this, but I can't afford to keep it in addition to my EE Minimax, and I've invested too much in screwing around with the minimax now to sell that, so this has to go.  It's a bit embarrassing to say that after A-Bing the Centrance Dacport LX, the Yulong D100, the Peachtree DAC*IT and the EE Minmax, I could find very little difference between them, and almost NO difference between the first three of those four.  In fact, I honestly came out liking the Dacport on most of the tests over its significantly more expensive and bulkier, less transportable rivals. 


Not only incredible sound, but incredible transportability.  This works with my ipad using the camera connection kit, and can be improved using this:




It's a steal at this price, but I've bought way too much stuff recently, and have to make whatever money back I can. frown.gif

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