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Good dac for bottlehead crack amp + Sennheiser hd650s

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Ive been looking around a bit for this as i am new to all of it and am trying to learn.

I just am looking for some advice as to what DAC would match up well with the crack for my headphones and why...I havent been able to find too much on this so far so any help would be much appreciated!! i am open to DIY but as the crack will be my first project in DIY obviously something that is more advanced might be a little much to take on right now. My price range is anything up to ~$500 and again, any advice or insight is much appreciated.


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I use a old Creek OBH-14 and its good but when I slapped the Eastern Electric dac it was night and day.  Everything got better.  Source was optical from computer, now that i got a Titanium HD i might try the coaxial but im lazy to move the EE back and forth.  I also use HD650 and Beyer 990 600ohm.

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I have the Musiland Monitor 02 and I like that combo but I have not compared it to anything else. If I had your budget then I would consider the Schiit Bitfrost. I like the modular concept. 

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in the 500 range, the Cambridge DacMagic is still one of my top choices. You could also consider an Audio GD NFB 5, or a Yulong d100, and get a bonus SS amplifier in addition to a great DAC - just to expand your listening options (especially if you add lower impedance phones into the mix).

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The HRT Streamer II is phenomenal for its price.  Sure, you can get a better DAC than it, but you'll have to pay a lot more to realize it.  For the price it is, you won't do any better. 

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I think you'll be happy with the Crack and HD650 pairing.  Really enjoyed the Crack+Speedball amp with my HD650's and was tempted to pick up a kit, but space limitations have held me back from picking up another amp.  

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Have you guys tried the Apogee Duet 2 as a DAC (paired with the HD650's and Crack OTL)?

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For that price range, the Schiit Bifrost would be my pick.  You would be pushing almost $500 if you get the USB upgrade to it though.  By default, it only comes with S/PDIF.

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Gamma 2 would be a good option as well, but I do still enjoy my D100 as a source for the Crack. 

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