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For Sale:
Denon D2000

Will Ship To: USA and Canada

I have a pair of D2000 for sale.  They are in good shape but they have some history.  I got these at least 18 months ago.  I recabled them using 22AWG teflon coated, silver plated, 19 strand wire, covered with tecflex (or some other brand mesh - can't remember which), terminated with 1/4" Neutrik gold plated plug.  Cable is about 6' long.  One of the drivers is a replacement.  One of the originals died for some reason -- I have no idea why but I didn't do anything nasty to it.  I finally acquired a replacement driver from a Head-Fier several months ago.  At this point I'm not sure which driver was original and which was the replacement.  They are the same.  I also did a partial Markl mod on them.  The thing is that I can't remember where I stopped.  I am pretty sure that the cups are damps with Dynamat and perhaps the drivers are damped in the center but I don't think I did the larger ring of dynamat on them.  I did not stuff the pads.  Bottom line is that they are still good cans.  IMO the driver replacement is a non-issue.  


Price is $160 which includes shipping and PP fees withing the USA and Canada.  On top of that, I'll give you a 3 day return window IF AND ONLY IF you have some decent feedback here on head-fi.  I will check out your feedback before I give you my PP payment ID.  If you send them back I'll refund the PP transaction.  You can still buy them if you don't have any feedback here but there is no return option in that case.  If you want to find my feedback here you will have to look in the archives.  This was the last pair of "extra" headphones I've kept since I went through my last headphone mania.  FWIW, the mania will probably hit me again when I have more cash on hand :-).  In case your wondering, the only "good" headphones I have kept are ATH AD2000.  


No box.  Will pack for safe travel.