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Ended up getting the Koss DJ100s and ended up being the right choice.  The bass is there but not overpowering and the mids are incredible.  The vocals are also superb, both men's and women's.  Overall, definitely the best choice for the music I listen to and the price at $80.  Thanks for the tips everyone.

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awesome  man!


Post your thoughts in a few weeks.  Love to hear thoughts after a burn-in.

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look for m50's, you can find them used for about 100

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creative auvarna live! 

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He like them


( we know each other in real life) they are strong but they are not really over the ear depanding on the size of it. It touchs that part where the ear rings go but overralls its ok NOT WAY near as good as my denons etysmile.gif

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These look like a nice set of cans!! At $79 shipped on Amazon they might be worth a try.

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With a little bit damping, the denon 1001 or live! are the best portable sound directly from any ipod, mp3 without amping. 

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Originally Posted by Marximus View Post

KRK KNS-8400s. Best pair of around-$100 headphones I've heard yet.  Usually $120 online.


Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

I've only seen good things said about the KRK KNS 8400



Yes; I also think they're very good. 

Bought a pair two weeks ago from Amazon after selling my ATH-M50's.



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