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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD-800 with Double Helix 8ft Molecule cable - Like NEW

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm selling a like new pair of Sennheiser HD-800 with an 8ft Molecule cable from Double Helix.


This pair belongs to my dad, he's a sound designer/engineer and bought these for mixing but decided he was much more comfortable doing so with speakers, they were bought in January 2011 but he says they had 10-20 hours of use and they are now waiting in their original box for their new user.


They were bought from an official Sennheiser retailer and a copy of the invoice will be provided by email to the buyer, they have no scratch and look brand new. He told me that for now he can't find the manual but will keep looking for it, beside that original box and stock cable are both available.


Serial Number is 08735


The Double Helix cable sounds great and is actually helping quite a bit with the harsh treeble some people complains about, the price for the cable is 285$, below is the full details on the options:


"Molecule" OCC Headphone (or Extension) Cable - All headphones!

  • Length - 8 feet
  • Headphone type - HD800
  • Sleeving type - Soft black multifilament nylon (recommended)
  • Termination - DHC custom black aluminum 1/4" (recommended)
  • Earcup wires (If applicable) - Soft black multifilament nylon (recommended)
  • Choice of wire - DHC Nucleotide custom stranded OCC copper wire (recommended)
  • Y-Split (excludes AKG/Ultrasone) - Viablue aluminum y-split cover



A few more details:

- No trades

- No separate sales (cable/headphones)

- Price is fixed

- Buyer to cover fees (shipping/paypal)


Thanks for looking