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For Sale: Stax SR-001 MK2 `baby Stax`

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For Sale:
Stax SR-001 MK2 `baby Stax`

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I`ve had these for about a year, and I used them as my portable set-up for about three months. They are excellent as such in a sonic sense, big soundstage, mids are smooth as silk and a decent amount of bass, even over train noise. The only downsides being they hurt my ears after a few hours of wearing them and the headphone cable is quite delicate so I had to be super-careful with it. Since I retired them as a portable I`ve found they`re a great little by-the-bed setup.


The amp unit has some scuffing on the top from being used as a portable, and the headband railing is missing a stopper cap on one side - so basically without some kid of replacement, it`ll sometimes slip out of the headband. They sat on my head just fine as-is, but they often separated if I hung them around my neck. I found it`s pretty easily to improvise a replacement, even a dab of blu-tac will do the trick.


The set contains the headphones, amp, box, instructions, warranty card (only good in Japan unfortunately), two medium sets of ear tips and a set of medium Sennheiser ie8 tips that I found worked quite well for me and added a good amount of bass over the stock Stax ones.


Price is minus shipping, please ask me for a quote if you`re interested. Any questions, please PM me. Thanks!

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PM sent.

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PM sent also.  Good luck with the sale.

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