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Dropped my SR80s

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I one day dropped my SR80s which have taken a beating over the years and now there is a "worse" sound in the right ear cup. It sometimes gives a faint rattle on low bass notes, and there is a loss of detail in the high end. It is also significantly quieter. 


Is there any fix or do I have to send it in?


EDIT: Okay, some more details 


After playing for a couple more minutes, I can now tell that there is MUCH less bass and a muted feeling in the right ear cup. I have done some testing with mono and channel stuff and there is a significance difference in sound from the left ear cup that I define as "worse"


When I blow lightly into the driver, there is a slight rattle.


When I breath in/suck air lightly, there is a popping sound like something is popping back into place. When I stop breathing in/sucking air lightly, there is another pop like it is going back to an original position.





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Sounds like to me you damaged the diaphragm (ie there is a wrinkle in the diaphragm).  I think if you take it apart you could figure it out..Ive used a piece of scotch tape to fix wrinkles before very carefully

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Scotch tape and a blowdryer can do it with Grados. 

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unfortunately i have had that problem with 2 of my grados and both times, the hairdryer/bllowing method didn't work. if anything it was a temporary fix and the bass was still a problem, albeit slightly less. 


just send them in to grado for service.

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contact grad and see what they suggest, but yes, you may just be better having them service it for you. Sorry to hear about your problems!

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You can also DIY, if you're good. 

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....or a wizzardd.

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