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Replacing my Bose OE

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Hello gents,


I was hoping you could help me in selecting a new set of IEM's. I couldn't find an advice topic, so I hope it is okay to make a new topic in order to ask for your advice. 


Alright, so let's get on with it. The past year I had a Bose OE and before we get the discussion started (I've read around a bit here and I know the general attitude towards Bose), I realize they're overpriced but I enjoyed the sound quality, even though it is not a completely honest or natural sound. Also, there is something to be said for top quality customer's service (as far as I have experienced), which seems to be quite rare. But let's end it there. 


I'm moving away from headphones to IEM's because I'm starting to take working out, and in particular running, more seriously. Headphones simply don't work then and now that I am a student, I don't really have a lot of funds available anymore. I borrowed some IEM's from a friend, just his cheap backup Sennheiser 300 something ones, to try the fit because I've always owned headphones instead. Perhaps it takes some getting used to but my ears reacted quite sensitive to it. When I hadn't strayed outside my comfortzone yet, I found that the Bose IE's were quite comfortable in that regard, as they aren't put completely in the inner parts of the ear. This is something that I find quite appealing, unless it is just a process that takes some getting used to for the ears, but with my limited funds now I would like something priced more true to value. I consider myself quite a sensitive listener and not part of the general public, but not quite an audiophile either.


And this is where you come in. I skimmed through a large topic here that compared a lot of devices, but it was just too much to take in. So, a few parameters, sound quality is the most important, but fit is important as well because I will also use them extensively during workouts and the price range I reckon is about 60-130 dollars (although devices are probably more expensive in comparison as I live in Holland and prices here are generally higher). In case it matters, I listen to a whole spectrum of music. Currently I listen to a lot of Blues, Jazz, some Ambient and Classical and electronic/deep house music, but this shifts a lot depending on the mood. I'm not really to heavy into the bass though, I don't really listen to D&B, Dubstep and whatnot.  


Anyways, I seem to have rambled on quite a lot again. I would like to thank you beforehand for reading through it and possibly giving me some advice as to what IEM's might be most suitable for my situation. 


Kind Regards,




Edit: Just thought of something else. I really dislike it when people have earphones that have a lot of soundleak or bleed or whatever the term is, so I would like a device that wouldn't have this. That's a large plus for the OE's by the way, there is literally no soundleak at all.

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Any advice would be welcome.

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The Sony EX510, Brainwavz M4, Etymotic HF3, Yamaha EHP100(highly recommended)and UE700 are better for active use, they all sound very good for the price with comfortable fit.
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I was already looking at the Brainwavz m4, but I'll look at the other ones as well. Thank you.

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