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Fake Yuin PK2? - Page 2

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As a Chinese,I haven't ever heard yuin has fakes

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I come from Umiqu Technology co., Ltd.
Our company can provide you with preferential prices are higher quality
You need this Yuin Earphone, PK3
Our company has stock,FOB price $1.8/pcs
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Mr.felix gong

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if you believe, this is authentic, no fake yuins available
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I have one of the pk2 from dasetn on ebay, it has a diy cord and plug.  It sounds great, better than my hisoundaudio paa-1 pro.  Some people said it sounded worse than their pk3.. could just be variances in individual drivers or the cable change made it not to their liking.  I'd just give it a shot.  The diy cord is stiff but it's silver colored so it's worth it I guess

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