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what a good find!

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Thanks, I think they were a Christmas gift that someone pawned to buy some Beats. The guy at the pawn shop said he only paid $90 to the guy a few days after Christmas.

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I think I'm going to have to find a shop near me and start making regular visits, I'm sure you can find great deals if you know what you are looking for.

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Originally Posted by Transformatron View Post

Thanks, I think they were a Christmas gift that someone pawned to buy some Beats. The guy at the pawn shop said he only paid $90 to the guy a few days after Christmas.

Traded in for beats?! LMAO
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Originally Posted by Transformatron View Post

Thanks, I think they were a Christmas gift that someone pawned to buy some Beats. The guy at the pawn shop said he only paid $90 to the guy a few days after Christmas.


It's like to pawn a Porsche to buy a Chrysler Cruiser.... Jeez...

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My humble opinion on the Philips Fidelio L1


For years I’ve listened to my music at work with those little in-ear headphones. And I was perfectly happy with them. Until I got my hands on the Philips Fidelio L1 a few weeks ago. A world of difference! The clear sounds blew me away. Big pro is that even with the volume down, you can still enjoy all aspects of your music.



The quality of the sound is excellent and crystal clear, thanks to the High Definition neodymium- drivers. Each music variety displays well and with subtle music such as jazz al minute details are audible. When listening to Dance music, the bass drums ‘vibrated’ less than they did with my old in-ears, but only with a windows application. When combined with an Apple product, bass intensity is easier to adapt.


Design and use

The design is elegant and minimalistic, very sophisticated. The headphones features can be adapted in every little detail to perfectly fit your head. The over-ear ear shells are very comfortable, even after a long while, with minimal sweating. The materials are durable, but the headphone is still light in weight. There are 3 cords, which can be couples, so the length of the cord is adaptable. One of the cords comes with a remote for an I Phone. It works like a charm, but only combined with Apple.

According to Philips, the Fidelio L1 is the ideal headphone for on the road, but for me, it is too big for that. The chocks of for example stepping disturb the music. The carrier bag is very pretty, but seems a little poor as protection.


Interaction with your surroundings

Despite the semi-open back architecture of the ear shells, a passer-by will not notice any music escaping the Fidelio L1. Even with big bass drums, the isolation is perfect. For the listener, the isolation to the environment is perfectly balanced. Little to no noise enters, except for loud noises such as a phone ringing or your boss yelling.


Pros: Stable and comfortable ear shells, great sound quality, no noise outside the ear shells

Cons: Quite pricy (+-250 euro), quite large, bass drums tend to get a bit lost

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In Italy I payed L1 170 euros.

(I like a lot also with electronic music)

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Here's my take on the L1,


From a first listen the first thing that caught my attention is the bass, its deep, with a very good extension.


The Fidelio do not have a remarkable speed, but they manage to perform very well with classic rock / indie. It reminds me in some way to the bass of the ah-d2000 perhaps somewhat slower and mellow.


Maybe the amount of bass is a bit excessive for those who are accustomed to a more neutral sound, but I for me it’s in a good proportion.

Mids are good, vocals are great (very well-articulated with good detail and clarity).

Acoustic and distorted guitars sounded great .


Soundstage is deep and wide for headphones of this size thanks to their angled drivers. It recreate your own scene, and adapt to your music style.

The instrument separation is good, let’s say 8 of 10 range.


Improvement with Amplification:


Although it can be plugged into an iPhone or mp3 player halfway decent, the scalability of the Fidelio L1 is remarkable.


I made the test to see how far they can go. They offer some improvement with a quality source and amplification.

Plugged into the Soloist SL, I can appreciate more control over the bass response, engaging mids and treble becomes more present.


In conclusion, the L1 have an easy to like sound for most people who enjoy popular music nowadays such as pop, rap and such. I had some comfort issues, and a negative aspect Is that the pads are not replaceable.


I’ve heard good things about the X1, and I think it will be my next step.   

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In case someone's interested, Amazon (Amazon Warehouse Deals) has some L1 for cheap. They're used but should be in really good condition.

Like new is $151

Very good is $148


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For that price, worth a go. 

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Originally Posted by jackwess View Post

For that price, worth a go. 

Definitely worth it, it's one of my favorite headphones. 

I just picked up my second pair, since my wife's been using mine a lot lately.

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Wow I wish I had waited a couple more weeks to order mine! I bought mine from amazon warehouse for just around 200. Still very happy with what I paid for, but they are a true steal at that price.


Here are a few impressions I have of the headphones (re-post from what.cd):


I got the Philips Fidelio a few days and wanted to share some initial impressions. 

First thing I noticed was the quality of the materials. The ear cups are soft and plush, the metal is sharp and adds structural rigidity to the headphone providing a strong sense of durability (something I tend to associate with quality). I really like the brown leather headband, it reminds me of the inside trim of a high end Audi. The quality of the materials was also evident in the small carry pouch, it had some weight and simply felt luxurious. 

What surprised me the most was how light the headphones were. I may be slightly biased as my last headphone was the HE-400, which was simply too heavy on my head. The weight made the headphone very comfortable the minute I put them on. The cups were large enough to surround my ears. Adjusting the ear cups was done with confidence, each click securely holding them at the desired length. The cups also swiveled smoothly making good positioning very easy. The plush memory foam pads didn't put too much pressure on my head either, allowing me to wear these headphones for 2 hours straight without really noticing them.

Although I haven't listened to them for very long, I am satisfied with the sound that these produce. First thing first, these headphones are bass prominent. I wouldn't call them dark, since the mids and treble are still clear, but the bass is very emphasized. So much so that I've actually EQ'd the bass down a bit. I have been very spoiled for good bass headphones. I had both the DT-990 and the HE-400 which do an amazing job at providing lots of bass without it sounding veiled or bloated. The L1 bass is slightly boomy and not quite as clear as what I would like. I still enjoy the overall sound signature, and find they work great for the genres of music I listen too.


*EDIT* I know have had approximately 2 weeks with the headphone and my initial impressions still hold. I wouldn't call the bass bloated, but it's not as clear as I would like. Jackwess nails it in describing it as mellow. I haven't tried this headphone with any amplification yet, and may consider getting something in future (although I'm focusing on building a speaker first!).

Overall, I think the fit and finish of these headphones is truly top notch and I really enjoy the sound signature. My only reproach is that I wish the bass was slightly clearer.

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Has anyone compared these to the mdr 1rs, momentum, m100, ue6000, etc.?  Im stuck between these and some ws99 but im pretty sure no one knows anything about those.  Oh, and do these really need an amp?

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Has anyone compared these to the mdr 1rs, momentum, m100, ue6000, etc.?  Im stuck between these and some ws99 but im pretty sure no one knows anything about those.  Oh, and do these really need an amp?


I'd say the L1, UE6000 are more laid back in sound.  Both have bass that reaches in the low octaves.  The Momemtum and WS99 are more aggressive headphones but the Momentum's bass hits a little lower but WS99's hits harder and is faster.  The 1R is the most different sounding of the bunch.  Very mid forward and bass is similar to the WS99 but less impactful and doesn't go as low.  The M100's are closer to the L1 and UE6000 but has a little more energy.


1R: Forward midrange, bass could use more sub-bass, treble is non offensive and sort of laid back but still pocessess good sparkle.  Midrange might be too much for some listeners.  Excellent stage for closed can.

Momentum:  Bass is a bit strong and reaches to sub-bass levels but has good amount of midbass.  Midrange is good, bass sneaks into it some but still good.  Treble might be the most aggressive of the bunch but is not sibilant.  Stage is average.

M100: Bass is very good.  Mix of low to midbass is excellent.  Midrange is decent.  Not too recessed but bass can overshadow.  Treble is laid back but still sounds good to my ears.  Stage has a nice 3D feel to it. 

UE6000: Bass reaches low but is a bit slow.  Midrange is very good.  Treble is laid back.  Stage is quite good.  Excellent movie headphone.

L1:  Bass is pretty big but not as slow as UE6000.  Midrange is quite good and laid back treble.  Stage is about the same as UE6000. 

WS99:  Fast bass.  Hits hard and has a good mix of low and mid bass.  Better than the M100 IMO.  Midrange is the best of the bunch.  Forward but not as offensive as the 1R.  Treble is more polite than the Momentum but still has good energy.  Stage is good, deeper than it is wide. 


I prefer the WS99 to all these headphones but none are bad by means.  The 1R takes the cake in comfort, Momentum and M100 are not full over ears, UE6000 is kind of bulky, L1 is second in comfort but has excellent build.  WS99's fit is close to M100 but circular pads work a little better for me. 

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Thanks for the long answer! Appreciate it. I was set on the ws99s but then thy went out of stock, then recently the price went to 250. I have the mdr 1rs and I just find the bass a little to mid-bass heavy, and they sound a little congested. I'd like these to perform well with rock/pop/ alternative, and not just hip hop/r&b/techno. Would you mind just putting them in order of which ones you think overall suit a much wider range of music?

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