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I've purchased everything from $5 Sony on ebay to $130 Shure e2s. They all sounded pretty much the same-unsatisfactory. I have a pair of headbangers that have the in-line amp/equalizer powered by two AA batteries.  I recall that they were inexpensive, and I think I got them through Amazon. I think that for the money, they have the best sound-especially the bottom end. I wear them while working out at the gym, and end up tucking the amp box into my shorts, behind the elastic waist band. It is doable, but I would like to  find a pair of headphones that can produce that sort of bottom end without that in-line box. I don't mind the hiss, noise and occasional crackles and pops. I am 65 years old and my  hearing has gone through 20+ years of flying jets, drinking coffee, etc. The ringing in my ears makes the hiss and noise introduced by the amp/eq almost academic. I also have a pair of iGrados, but they are not driven well enough by the 3Gs iPhone that I am using. The headbangers are just more thrilling and satisfying.  I listen to a variety of music, but end up with Mahler's 2nd symphony on the treadmill. The finale can bring tears to your eyes. Anticipating that makes the boredom of the treadmill bearable. Sorry about the digression.

So-looking for an in-ear headphone without the intervening amp/eq that can put out as much bass as the headbangers. Thanks.