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Subscribe button on threads...

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Hi all,


I try clicking on the subcribe button on any given thread but it does nothing?


Doesn't show up on my subscriptions list, nada...





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What OS, browser, and browser version are you using?  I want to try and replicate your issue, and I need this information to do so.

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OS: Ubuntu 10.04 & Gentoo (Stable)

Browsers: Firefox 9.0 & Chrome (latest stable version)


Let me know if you need anything else,






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JohnerH, are you waiting for all elements on the page to load before clicking the subscription button?

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I am.


Would you like me to test this in a windows environment?



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If you have the means, sure.  I will be performing a few tests myself on both OSX and Windows as well.

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OS: Windows


Browsers: IE 8.0 & Chrome (Current Version)


Same results on both counts.



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I've noted this in the ticket.  Thanks for the information.

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Can you check your subscription settings?  You may not be seeing anything if "show only unread" is selected at the bottom of the "Edit My Subscriptions" area.

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"    Show all items from subscribed forums/threads " - Checked.


Also this is wierd,


On the "Edit my Subscriptions" the one I clicked whilst in windows (I just noticed now) shows up,


BUT, on my "Recent Activity" it doesn't.


Now I can pinpoint which browser did this, but nevertheless, shouldn't it be appearing on both screens?




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Under the "Edit my Subscriptions", you'll see ALL of your subscriptions.  When viewing the Activity, it's just the ones that have had some activity. 


Are you seeing subscriptions listed in the Edit area that ARE having activity, but not on the activity side?


Could you email me some screenshots of what's not appearing correctly?  (joe@head-fi.org)

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oh I see...


I don't have examples now, but once subscribed on the  "Edit my Subscriptions" it shows up & updates come through on the activity.


The problem is subscribing to them, yesterday I once again had to post something on a particular threat in order to get it on the subscriptions.


This again, was under linux using chrome.


I believe the connection between "Edit my Subscriptions" -> Activity is sound the problem remains in the initial subscription. ie.: the button.


I hope I'm making sense?



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The tech team says it sounds like a script is being prevented from loading somehow. Would you be able to give me a Firebug report on Firefox and/or a console report from within Chrome?  That's under the wrench icon > Tools > Javascript console.  We'd need to know if you're seeing any errors under Scripts or Net.
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Sent you the chrome report. Nothing from firefox I'm afraid.



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I've passed it along to the tech team.  I'll let you know when I have more information.

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