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Replace beats studio with IEM

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I want to buy an IEM that has the same or better quality as my Beats studio without carrying around an amp for my iPhone, is it possible given the limitations of the iPhone? 
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People will tell you that with the Beats Studio as the bar to beat it will be easy...


Heck the $10 Philips SHE3580 probably has cleaner punchier bass than the Beats



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I wouldn't make sweeping statements like that. Beats may have terrible price/performance, but they are not terrible headphones, just as iBuds aren't.

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Neither are the SHE3580 terrible headphones.  People are comparing their stock sound to $100+ IEMs, and with a custom EQ for them I'm preferring them to the $200 Etymotic ER-4P.  And deep headshaking subbass happens to be the SHE3580's forte.  I have a hunch that would be important for the OP, coming from the Beats.


Actually I am finding the stock sound of the with-mic version SHH3580 to be even better, but its stock sound is not for bass lovers.  One could EQ up the subbass to match the SHE3580's bass department, if the player is capable of it, since they probably share the same driver just with different voicing.  It comes with mic and one-button remote, which could be handy with the iPhone.

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Might be worth looking at shure or some of the lower end westones.

I did once listen to the entire Beats range.. i didn't hate them, but i was really pretty unimpressed with the SQ/value aspect.

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I mainly listen to hip/hop, house, pop,  and dance music. I bought the beats because of reviews I have read on some websites such as cnet. Are shure or hf3 with a custom sleeve better then beats?

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All Etymotics, including hf3 take a fair bit of tinkering to get a good seal but are brilliant once in place, which is the same with all IEM's, so be prepared to persevere if you do jump on in ear monitors! although if you arent dead set on IEM's you could take a look at Audio Technica M50's, which are pretty well loved around here. custom sleeves are one of the best, and cheapest (compared to other methods, anyhow) ways to increase overall SQ, albeit the highest increase in overall quality tends to be with treble, so id say getting a decent pair of in ear monitors with a custom fit sleeve are well worth it, especially over the beats :P

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I also considered buying JH-13 or 16 but I saw people on the treads carrying around amps with them to take full advantage of the IEM but I don't Want to carry anything extra around, so I figured there is something Cheaper that can the iPhone can drive and sound atleast as good as my beats studio
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For what its worth, my Miracles sound excellent out of sources only slightly better than an iPhone. Custom IEMs were made to be used with iPods - they may scale with better amplification, but it isn't required for an wonderful experience.

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any mid tier IEM will sound better than the beats studio..The JH13 or 16 works great straight out of an iPhone..there is no need for an amp but we are talking here of an  investment over $1K

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JH-13 FAR surpass any version of beats available, but also cost about 3 times as much ;) most IEM's dont require amps. i do use an amp for when im going out and about but i guess i don't mind the size, its similar to carrying a seconnd iphone with you :P but generally amps are not mandatory.

decided i would make a list of possible IEM alternatives for you: etymotic hf3, shure se215/315, westone um1/um2,  klipsch image s4, or ultimate ears Tf10 are all ones to look at. its all up to you ;) have fun looking if you do :P

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I suggest the Monster Turbine. Most of the time you can get them from the Monster Outlet store for $50 and Amazon has them new for $88.




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