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*Suggestions please* bass heavy, closed headphones used with iPod (no amp)?

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Hey guys,


Relatively new to headphones and was blown away after listening to some high quality sets. I'm mainly looking for headphones to use plugged into my Macbook Air and iPod without any amps. I want it to sound good primarily when listening to drum&bass type music, but I do listen to a wide variety of music. But bass is unfortunately a priority!


Quick rundown of criteria:

-no amp needed

-bass heavy

-sound isolation is a plus for me. but not those battery powered ones.

-*it's important that the music doesn't "leak out" of the headphones. (i will use it at the library sometimes. and i hate people listening to their music with beats on.)

-price range $100 to $350. Open to suggestions up to $500 but I'm guessing these will need an amp to reach their potential.


After doing some research I was going to settle for the Denon ADH2000s, but I luckily stumbled upon a thread saying that an amp is needed for those.


Some I found that piqued my interest: B&W P5 (is the bass not good though?), Audio Technica ATH-ES7.

But I don't know enough about these and was hoping people can recommend things that best fit my criteria.



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The bassiest closed phone I own is the Klipsch Image One. Every so often you can find them for under $70 but I would probably not be willing to pay the $150 retail price.

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You're looking for over the ear closed headphones that don't leak? Not in ear monitors, right?


The Denon 2k are one of my favorite closed style headphones.  I listen to my Denon 2k on my MacBook Air without needing an amp.  On the iPod you may need an amp depending on how loud you listen. However, the Fiio E1 is really cheap ($22) inline amp that doesn't use a battery that you can use with the iPod to Denon 2k.


Another option is the V-Moda M80.  Pretty good bass however it does have the mid bass hump that encroaches on the midrange a little bit. That might not be an issue for you.  I personally don't think the M80 soundstage (or sound signature) is as good as the Denon 2k.


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Sweeet I was really set on those but was hesitant because of the amp. I didn't know the Filos would be enough juice. Thanks for the info!

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Ok, after reading more I think I'm gonna get the Denons + a Fiio E17. Is this a good setup for mac/iphone playing? Or should I get a E 7 or E11 instead. Do I need the DAC capabilities or is the E11 amp enough. Kinda confused to what amps work with laptops and which work with iphones. Or do they all work with both...?


Can people comment on headphones like B&W P5 and Grado SR325i that don't really need amps? How do the bass compare?

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I have some B&W P5's. There are mixed messages about its bass, and the reason is because while the P5s are very warm and mid-bassy, they offer comparatively little sub-bass. They are comfortable but in my opinion not worth the asking price. However if you are real keen, I might consider selling my pair XD.


Otherwise if you want something decent, two headphones I can recommend to you that I think you will like. They are both quality DJ sets, since DJ's generally need more bass when they are mixing in loud environments.


Audio Technica Pro700 has got some solid bass thump, works pretty well unamped (though gets more bass control when amped) but isn't bloated sounding like the P5s. I have the 50th anniversary version, which sounds a little better imo.



Otherwise the AiAiAi TMA-1's are something I think you should look into.



If you are using a Macbook Air from the last two generations it should be able to easily drive either of these. As for your iPod you will probably be in the upper half of the volume control but as long as its one of the newer ones you'll be fine.



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To be honest if you're set on the d2000s just get them. Chances are people are going to suggest a whole slew of different headphones, but you might aswell just stock with your choice. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed, I've tried them a few times in Asia stores and the sound amazing. That and they look oh so gorgeous.

It's good to great they don't need too much amping so you should be alright with something portable. I'm completely inexperienced in the world of amps though so I'll leave other people to suggest something suitable.
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