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V-moda M80/V80 vs Sennheiser HD-25-ii

Poll Results: V-moda M80/V80 vs Sennheiser HD-25-ii

  • 51% (27)
    V-Moda M80/V80
  • 48% (25)
    Sennheiser HD 25-ii
52 Total Votes  
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Hi guys, I'm want and upgrade from my soul sl150, and found that these 2 are suitable for me, so out of these 2, which one has better sound quality/build quality etc. I listen to pop, rock and drum and bass... So which would be the best???

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Well I've listened to both, and honestly they are very similar headphones.  Since you're coming from the Ludacris line, I assume you're used to a more bass heavy sound. They both have pretty punchy bass, but the Senn slightly more so. The V-Moda however has better mids and isn't as boomy in the low end and less exhausting to listen too. Also, the v-moda is a solid metal construction, whereas the Senn is all plastic (very durable plastic, mind you). The v-moda is also cheaper and more stylish.

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The hd 25 1 ii has a funner sound for music like rock and dnb

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But design wise i would go for the V-moda... the only thing i was wondering was whether the sound quality is enough to make me neglect the design for the sound? do you think it would be worth it? Price is not really a matter as amazon prices them quite closely

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get the aiaiai tma-1 if you care of the look

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I got the adidas version, so it's design was fairly modern and stylish and velour pads really help for comfort in addition to the funner sound that makes you tap your feet and feel engaged. It's up to you, m80 hurt my ears after like half an hour.

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I just got the m-80 a couple weeks ago.


Few things I've noticed:


-The case they come in is awesome. I would pay $30 for just the case.


-You need to wear them for more than 5 hours before deciding if they're comfortable or not. I could barely wear mine when I first got them.

After stretching them out and letting the pads mold to my ears I can barely feel them on my head.


-They feel very high quality, smaller than I thought they would be.


-CEO/Designer posts on head-fi


-I do wish they had more "sparkle" or the highs a bit more up front. This however makes them less fatiguing. 


-If you order from v-moda they have a 60-day test drive. I believe Guitar Center has the hd-25s if you want to compare them.

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So as an overall package which would be the best

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Go for the m-80s. If you don't like them return'em and get the hd-25. Both are going to be great upgrades over your souls and it really depends on what sound signature you like.


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Whats the difference?

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Oh that review i have read it i just wanted more people opinions

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I think I've read some of your comments and questions asking about this same topic. It feels to me as if you are leaning towards the M-80s. They are both known for having great sound quality so I don't think you would be disappointed with either one. I say if you have an inkling inside you that wants the M-80s you should get them. You don't want to get the hd25s and then be slightly disappointed and regret not getting M80s. For me personally the HD25s were a little too sibilant for me, granted it was only a 20 minute demo. From what I've heard the HD25 does fit your genres a little better. Having said that, they both sound great. You won't be disappointed with either cans. Just go for the M-80s. Do it. 

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Thanks bro:)

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Hey guys, I just got M80's today and am floored. Great sound from these baby's. I love my Senn HD25's, but these are a different animal. As for "fun" factor, I'm finding these pretty damn fun. Absolutely great sound. 


I will say that the Senn's seem to have a more "open" soundstage than the M80's at this point, but they're brand new and haven't been burned in yet. The M80's mids and upper range seem more bright than the Senn's. 


I'm testing using classical, classic rock, 80's rock, and metal. To mix it up I'm throwing in electronic and alternative. As for the sound isolation...I use these for traveling on NYC subways to and from work...you sorta need to be able to hear when an announcement comes out, so I'm not against it.


I have noticed today that with these plugged into my iPod Touch, without my FiiO E17 that the battery drained faster than my usual IEM's....much faster. 


More as they get burned in, but so far...wow...AMAZING little cans here!


Steve from NYC

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