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JDSLabs. Great amplifiers

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I was surprised to find no one has left feed back for JDS labs so here I go!


I just got a cMoy PCB from John back in July of 2011 and have been loving the cMoy v2.03 ever since. I need this amp because I drive a LOT of different headphones and I need the versatility of this amp!


Back in November, my cMoy shorted out (my fault John has never had a failed cMoy) and so I shipped it back to him for repair. It was very fast and at a excellent price!


I highly recommend John to ANYone looking for a good portable solid state amp that won't break the bank.


His Head-fi name is "Jseaber"

His Site is "jdslabs.com"

His email is "contact@jdslabs.com


This guy is VERY responsive and helpful with anything you need. Shoot him a email! Check out his site! You won't regret it.


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Have purchased amps from John twice now... both times, he has been extremely couteous, polite and quick to reply.


The first time I ordered I selected the wrong shipping option, a quick email to John and all was sorted out.


Would/will definitely recommend in the future.

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