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For Sale: Sony MDR-CD900ST

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-CD900ST

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there. Selling these barely used Sony MDR-CD900ST, which are similar in look to the MDR-7605 / V6 etc. but are a different, more exclusive beast sold only in Japan. They are a studio monitor type headphone, meaning a closed can with a neutral sound focussing on midrange detail - and I would describe their tonal character as a bit like a Beyerdynamic DT48 with bass. They're very light and comfortable, with soft ear pads and headband - up there with the Yamaha YH-1 as the most comfortable headphone I've had. They're terminated in a 1/4" jack plug rather than the smaller 1/8", belying their natural habitat in the studio.


They are also substantially more expensive than the more familiar Sony phones - I believe I paid nearly $250 for them direct from Japan. They're in fine condition with the minimal package they came in, so $150 will get them shipped to you in the 48 contiguous states - other destinations, let's talk.


NB. I haven't been on the site for a while, hence my 0 "n00b" feedback rating, but there is a link to some older feedback in my signature.

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Thanks for your responses. These are sold now.

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