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In-ear headphone recommendations for £100 ($150)

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Hi, I've been using this forum for a while now but just decieded to join because I wanted some direct advice. I would like some good all round headphones up to £100. prefferable some thing that will play all genres of music since I listen to all genres! This makes it really hard for me to decieded so I've come here for some help :) . My last ear phones were nuforce ne 700 and I really enjoyed there sound, so I'd like something similar. I enjoyed the bass (maybe too much some times) on those headphones but they broke pretty easily. I've also tried the brainwavz m3, but found the bass really lacking, but really I liked their general sound. Is there any in ear headphones that perhaps have a similar sound to the 2 combined? I also enjoy a good soundstage, so I was considering the shures se215 but wasn't sure how they really sound since I haven't tried them. Any advice would be helpful!

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For the price i would suggest these two.


Vsonic Gr07

Yamaha EPH-100


I have the yamahas and they're excellent, and can be found for £80.


There are also the Jvc Fx90 but i can't really comment as i've never heard them.



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+1 to Huxley


Bare in mind only Yamaha will give you 2 year workable warranty as the others are imports.


EPH100's are particularly stunning with trance/electro/dance because of there clarity & separation. I find the bass plenty for this type of genre. Not basshead levels but definitely plenty to satisfy most & maybe even too much for some. Also fitting & isolation is excellent making them good for commuters & gym wear. Hard to beat if you are in the UK at £80 delivered with 2 year warranty. £20 spared for a headphone amp if you wished.



Go over & take a look at the EPH100 thread.




You could also consider UE TF10's from amazon sale £110.


They didn't suit my ears though - In fact i couldn't keep them in longer than 10min.

Highs too sharp, mids recessed & poor separation IMO. Going to sell them.


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since you havent mentioned isolation ill assume its not a huge concern, in which case GR07

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After reading the EPH100 thread, I think they might be the ear phone that I will buy. I'm really impressed by the praise they've been getting and look fantastic. Look like Audio affair has them in stock and sold within the UK. I think the other factor is that they have 2 year warranty, and headphones seem to break quite quickly for me! So this is a huge plus. Thanks guys

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Good choice, and being all metal means they should last you a fair while.


For the price there's very little that can touch them, bar the other suggestions i made.


They are a great all rounder, not weak in any area unlike a lot of phones that are out there.


If you do order them, please post your impressions in the thread for us, always nice to hear how people get on with them.

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I would personally go for the Triple Fi from Amazon. I love their sound and the level of detail from an IEM for £110 is almost unbelievable! If you enjoy bass then these will definitely be right up you street!

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