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BeyerDynamic DT990 (not the pro rubbish) and Ultrasone Pro 900s for me



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Woodie Grados are damn sexy.... 

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I like these Manufaktur DT990s in black and chrome.




Too bad their treble is so painful...

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Originally Posted by maverickronin View Post

I like these Manufaktur DT990s in black and chrome.




Too bad their treble is so painful...

the WA2 really helps with that.

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Originally Posted by GigaFi View Post



I agree. There is always something immediately pleasing about curves, circles and spheres, and this design has all three elements. It’s simultaneously organic and futuristic. It looks as if it’s carved from a single piece of material and there isn’t a right angle or straight line on it.


This design simply invites the eye to follow its contours and explore its form.


If Mother Nature ever decides to made a headphone, it would look like this.




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Sorry, but I win. :)

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Originally Posted by Relz90 View Post




I assume the phones & watch are a set because it's hard to believe he made two separate ugly purchases........................well maybe not that hard.

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ands down the most elegant and professional looking cans. Yet, I still love the style of wooden cans

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Not sure if these are in here already, but I saw these in the for sale section here and I hadn't known about them before.




Fischer Audio FA-011

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i think i first joined this forum to find out more about GRADO HF-1s and SONY MDR R10S... thus i find those the sexiest.... i always thought that darth beyers and other woodied customs w/ beautiful custom silver or clear copper cables looked absolutely amazing.... 

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Niiiiice CALL on the cheese-o-matic!!! They are very cool looking, tho!!!

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Why not go ALL THE WAY?

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I think AKG consistently puts out good looking headphones. Even the cheapo K 44s look pretty good. The black/gold K 240s are pure class in a world of generic chrome gadgets. The K701s are very old-school and mechanical looking, like something you would see one your parent's top shelf as a kid and go "Ooo" and instantly start climbing to grab it and see what it does. It looks professional and hi-fi, like a mixerboard with a zillion knobs. Classy and powerful at the same time.


Beats are the ugliest to me. I hate "sleek" technology. I want to see the mechanics. I want Lamborghini Countach/Trans Am headphones with random stuff sticking out everywhere, not PT Cruiser headphones (Beats). I want them to look like something I would be wearing in an '80s science fiction movie with my stillsuit. AKG and a couple other brands have got that nailed.


Beats on the other hand take the "Apple" approach to technology aesthetics; just wrap everything in smooth, barren plastic so it doesn't clash with your shoes. It's like having a room in your house with a single profound beanbag laying in the middle and nothing else. God, I hate minimalism.


I guess it's the difference between people who like Rembrandt (depth, light, shadow, ultra-immersion) and people who like Rothko (giant square).

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Originally Posted by nikp View Post




I was wondering where the K550s were :)  They do look great on camera... but somehow nothing looks cool on my noggin - except the smaller headphones.

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