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Sexiest headphones.

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What are the sexiest/coolest looking headphones out there?


I like these:



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Certiainly the Sony Q010-MDR1 or more simply known as the Qualia. Pretty radical design for 2004.




and i think most would agree wood cups can look great [especially exotic wood] but i had to say "wow" when i first saw this promo shot of a custom etched Audio Technica ATH-W3000 Anniversary Edition. Trully worthy of being a display piece on a mantle.




And of course, picked unanimously long ago, the best of the best looking headphones (and it even sounds okay too!), the AKG K1000





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You asked for it


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v-moda_crossfade_lp_remote_rouge.jpg  Philips-Fidelio-L1-Headphones.jpg


And ofc....




More LEDs for the people :D

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Fidelio 1's are sexy, also;



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Grado RS-1, or any wooden Grados are damn sexy.

kjhg 007.JPG

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Agreed on the Grado's.

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Headphones I find sexy

  • Grado/Alessandro, any model will do
  • Beyerdynamics, I like the looks of the professional models
  • Sennheiser, HD25 and the variants of these (the old ones, not the new ones)
  • Aiaiai, TMA-1 (and the TMA-1 Studio)
  • Denon, D2-/5-/7000
  • AKG, the older studio models usually look pretty sexy
  • Fostex, actually, I like most of their models, but the orthodynamic ones are really sexy looking
  • Sony XB500/700/1000, I wouldn't wear these on the street, but I would by lying if I said these aren't sexy looking



Removed the ones I didn't find purdy to avoid negativity

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Originally Posted by gadair View Post

Agreed on the Grado's.

^ This and the Edition 8 Palladiums depending on what you're wearing/doing.

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Wooden Grados are by far the best looking headphones, in my opinion. 

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That are all I can think of right now.

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V-Moda Crossfade LP2


V-Moda Crossfade LP2.jpeg


I hope the V-Moda M-100 is just as minimal.

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Originally Posted by Skin View Post

Certiainly the Sony Q010-MDR1 or more simply known as the Qualia. Pretty radical design for 2004.




Neat, headphones and cheese grater in one!


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I think there's a "big huge" thread on best looking headphones, but I have no idea where it went.


The Headphile Bloodwood CD3000 from the older promo pictures is wonderful looking.


Stuff that I'd actually listen to, the Koss ESP/10 and ESP/950 have a unique aesthetic that I like. And those Rotel planars from way back, the RH-930. 

Some pictures (there's no good pictures of the ESP/10's companion box the E/10, sadly):








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I'm personally a sucker for wood headphones. I think the RS1is look really sexy. Sames goes for the LCD-2s. I know not everyone thinks the black grids on the side are "sexy". But that wood finish IMO is super sexy.


Guess I just love wood. :D






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