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static / crackle / pop with FiiO E11

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Hi everybody - I've learned an awful lot from reading all the posts here on Head-Fi, but I believe I'm having a problem with my E11 that may not have arisen/been addressed yet...


Recently got the ATH-M50s after reading all of the positive reviews written about them here - I think these headphones are phenomenal and could not be happier with them.  After listening to almost my entire music collection with the M50s I felt like it was the first time I had heard any of my music before.


Through Head-Fi I then discovered that such things as headphone amps actually exist and there's a rather sizable market for them.  I didn't think I'd need an amp with the M50s, but in listening to some old Motown music I remembered having always thought that on certain songs, Jamerson's bass tracks deserved a more prominent place within the mix.  I decided a portable headphone amp would perhaps finally give me the option of hearing some of his masterpiece bass lines with the emphasis I felt they deserved.  After reading up quite a bit here on Head-Fi I opted to purchase the FiiO E11 portable amp and L9 LOD to link it with my iPhone 4.  I got the E11 and L9 earlier today and, after charging the amp, started listening. 


Immediately after putting the headphones on, without any music playing, I could hear static / crackles / buzzing. 


The extra noises became less prominent when the music started playing however during quiet parts I can still hear the buzzing/crackles, etc intermittently.  I tried unplugging the L9 from the iPhone 4 as well as from the E11 and still heard the noises as long as the M50s are connected to the E11.  I tried to reproduce the noises by moving the amp and LOD without success; the noises occur spontaneously.  I also used the other connector that came with the amp and still heard the noises, which leads me to believe the static/buzzing, etc is coming from the amp.  I have continued to listen for a couple more hours and the buzzing / static happens less frequently, but when it does happen I find it incredibly irritating. 


In another thread I read that the E11 produces some hiss that is typically noticeable only with higher end IEMs and I don't believe what I'm hearing is hiss.  I haven't seen this particular issue raised in other threads...  Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

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I did some more experimenting trying to reproduce the buzzing / crackling noises I am hearing while using the L9 and E11.  I now suspect the noises are coming from the iPhone 4.  In listening at very low volumes I continued to notice the noises intermittently, however with the volume turned down I was able to appreciate that changing which track I was listening to seemed to precipitate the noise, as well as when I would start using other apps/functions on the iPhone while listening.  The noise is not present until initiating the music function (noise will be present before a music file is selected and playing) however it will persist momentarily after disconnecting the LOD.


Another interesting "finding" I discovered is that when using the iPhone as a "mobile hotspot" to gain access to the internet via my lap top, the iPhone's "wifi" signal seems to cause some interference with the E11 resulting in a sort of steady rolling clicking noise, the volume or strength of which increases along with the E11's proximity to the iPhone 4.  Guess I need to start shopping for another portable MP3 player which also plays videos... or just return the amp...

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I am hearing the same crackle with my m50s and e11 on my Nexus S. It definately has something to do with the e11, at high volumes it isn't noticable for me but it is still a problem. I've tried it on other phones/headphones and my e11 does the same thing. I'm pretty sure it is a issue with the line in jack. I have had problems before with it when twisted a certain way.

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I recognized the noise was coming from the E11 and returned it... Think I'm gonna try the JDS Labs c421next...  I wonder if quality control is becoming an issue at Fiio or if this sort of thing just happens once or twice every so often...

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I started a thread about this yesterday! The noise is emi/gsm interference coming from the phone. If you put it in 'airplane' mode it goes away but then whats the point of having the phone?

IMHO the amp isn't shielded sufficiently and Fiio shouldn't sell it as suitable for use with the iphone without the disclaimer that you can't use the phone/wi-fi and listen to music at the same time.

As soon as I find an alternative that is properly shielded I'll be selling my E11. I'm tempted by the i.fuzen HP1# but no-one in the UK seems to have it in stock.

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I just started a thread about this before I saw this one. I'm having the same issue. It is clearly interference of some sort from the Iphone. The only way I have found to minimize it is to put them as far apart as the cable will allow (still happens a little though.)


Such a shame...

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Oh I forgot to mention, in my case the situation is also helped along by setting the EQ setting to 0. 1 still has some and 2 has the most interference. Though I definitely enjoy the bass boost and don't want to do without it. 

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If any of you update/change amps if you could share your results here... this issue is very disappointing



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Will do. A list of amps that are properly compatible with the iphone would be very useful.

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I noticed this problem with my E11 and had a heck of a time trying to figure it out and toggling airplane mode on/off always causes the "interference".


As I move the unit certain distance away, it gets fainter and fainter.  Side by side, the noise is gone with about an inch between my iPhone and E11.


Is there a shield/cover for the E11 that will eliminate this?

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Big time bump. Very annoyed fiio customer.
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I have the crackle/popping issue with the E7-E9 setup.  Both Spotify high quality and CD.  I feel that it might be the USB ports on my desktop.  Maybe this unit is really sensitive to digital interference.  My sound card amped with my E9 is fine except the E7 has a better sonic signature and sounds fuller so I would prefer to use it instead.  This drives me bat Sh*t crazy!!  If anyone has a solution please advise.

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On your DAC, E7 or E11, shut off the USB charging option.  Worked for me.  Just found the solution on another thread!  Now I can finally listen to softer tracks.

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Aeroplane by Red Hot Chili Peppers is good to test this solution.

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I'm having the same problem with my E17 and iPhone 5.  It seems to be caused by both wifi and 3g/4g (turning off USB charging did nothing for me).  I love the concept of this little device, but could fiio really not prevent this issue with better shielding or at least notify buyers of this issue?  For me, this makes the E17 basically a desktop amp, for which there seem to be some better options in the price range. 

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