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Best Full Size Heaphones Under 150$

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I am looking for some new headphones to replace my crappy Skullcandy Lowriders that just broke.

I'm looking for some over the ear headphones that can block out ambient noise. 

I mostly listen to rock and electro, so i want headphones that can reach high and have a decent but not 

too powerful bass. I need them to be under 150$ and they can be shipped to the US or Canada, whichever is cheaper.

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Audio technica m50s or Ultrasone Hfi-780. The 780s though are $150..so you may not like that. The m50s can be found under $120 some places.

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Sennheiser has a bunch of different ones you may appreciate.  I like the HD280 a lot, but it has a very flat frequency response.

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I've thought of the HD280, but i also looked at the AKG K271 MKII but allot of people said the bass was very weak. Would it still be enough for listening to electro?

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KRK KNS 8400

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Alessandro MS1i (All-arounder | Open) or Sony MDR-XD700 (BASS | Closed)


... by experience

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Between the Audio Technica M-50 and the Sony ZX700, I would go for the ZX700. The Sonys are comfortable, have a sweet, balanced sound (the M50's can be a little too aggressive in the treble, which is a problem with a lot of electronic I find) and are easier to drive. You didn't mention portability, but both are built durably. The M50s are probably more easy to carry around since they fold up, but are conversely more awkward to wear out and about just because they are a bit on the large side.



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Do any of these need to be amp'd? I have an old but decent amplifier but will do most of my listenning on a computer or iPod

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hey X

The M50s are a great choice for pretty much everything. They don't need an amp but will improve with one. The M50s were my 2nd headphone and I still love them. Since then I discovered AKG K181. These are DJ phones and sound like a club. The Germans know how to build a headphone. The sub bass is BIG and the highs once settled in are detailed and natural sounding. I prefer these to my D2000 (while my d2000 are superior with sound stage brilliant highs and details galore I still prefer my club sound.). Good thing they're under $100 US now.
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I should have mentioned this to start with:  for rock and electronic, and good isolation, the Pioneer HDJ-1000 is awesome.  It hits a low bass without too much rumble, and there is a cool spike in the upper midrange which accentuates rock guitars and electro synths.  It works well with an iPod.  The only thing is that it is more on-ear rather than circumaural.  I recently switched pads to make them more circumaural, but the isolation diminished - still sounds awesome.  And they can be found in your price range.

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SRH750, SRH840, HFi780, pro650, HD380pro... are all bright closed headphone with good bass, great isolation (less for the pro650), in your price range and more or less for your music genre.

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The SRH840 look nice and seem to fit my needs, I think I've made my choice. Thanks for the help guys!

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I found the KNS-8400s to be cheaper, lighter in weight, more comfortable, and to sound better than the 840s.

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nobody's mentioning the Brainwavz HM5? the soundstage is much better than the m50s. and they have "decent but not too powerful bass"

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