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For Sale: FS: JVC FXT90

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale are my FXT90.  I am selling them in the interest of "thinning my herd" of IEMs and to help fund some new (desktop) source equipment.  Inks has done a great job of creating/maintaining a thread on them where you can read my (fairly extensive) impressions.  Of course, the legendary |joker| has reviewed them recently (with quite favorable impressions, I might add).  They rank up there among my favorite universal IEMs (I liked them more than the GR07, in fact) and they offer tremendous sound & value at their price point.  I've got a couple of customs that grab a majority of my listening time so I figure these need a good home where they'll get more use.


I am the original owner (purchased them from AccessoryJack a little over three months ago).  They've been kept in mint condition & all original accessories will be included.  They've never been around smoke, pets, or even outside.  I also have the original packaging but don't plan on including it due to addtl. shipping costs (unless requested).


--Payment via PayPal (add 4% if payment will not sent as a "gift")

--No trades

--For CONUS buyers: shipping is included in the listed price.
--For International buyers, contact me to work out shipping costs (will most likely be an additional $5 to $10 based on previous transactions).


Pictures coming soon..

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