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For Sale: Grado SR-325is (Matte) Modded

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For Sale:
Grado SR-325is (Matte) Modded

Will Ship To: North America

Letting these go. Great condition, many mods as I will explain. All can be seen in the pics.


- Red Grills, buttons removed. Cherry Red Gloss automotive paint (3 coats) with Clear Coat. Buttons will be shipped with phones. Silver lettering on buttons not in the best shape.

- Grill silk screens removed. Had to do this because of the infamous grattle which ended up happening to these (a hair gets inside and vibrates against the driver making a buzz/rattle sound). Look through the Grado mod threads to see that many members feel removing these screens improves sound quality.

- Internal dampening: The black ring inside the aluminum cup is a plastic ring on stock SR-325is. I've replaced that with acoustic dampening material. Also added a piece of dampening material to the back of the driver magnet and a ring of dampening material around the back of the driver housing.

- 4 holes punched into the fabric behind the driver. Noticeable improvements to bass response. See Grado mod threads for many good experiences with this mod.

- Pad mods: as mentioned above, the silk screens are removed. These screens where also notorious for discomfort when your ears rub against them during use. In place, I've got trimmed Koss KSC-75 pads underneath the bowl pads. This improves comfort tremendously. Basically feels similar to wearing the Grado comfy pads without a thick layer of material between your ear and the driver. You can experiment with and without these pads to see if you notice a sq difference. 

- O-Rings: You might notice in the pics I've got some fairly thick O-rings around the driver housings. The point of these is to keep the bowl pads from compressing when the phones are worn. This keeps the drivers further away from your ears and results in much improved sound quality. A less fatiguing sound sig to be exact.

- Recable: I replaced the stock cable with Canare Star Quad. Wrapped in Carbon Techflex up to the Y-split. Black heat shrink between split and cups. Y-Split is a trimmed Cable-Pants with a bit of heat shrink. Terminated to Neutrik 1/2. You can see that I've used Tie-wraps for strain relief inside the cups. This cable is super rugged and should last forever as long as you aren't trying to yank the cable from the cups.


All the above mods are done myself. As you can tell by the pics, I haven't re-glued the cups and housing back together. This is to allow for future modding/testing. Note that these pieces fit together very snug so glue really isn't necessary and just means opening them up again will be a huge pain in the *****. 


Lettering on the phones is in good shape. One "T" on one of the cups is slightly worn. Otherwise, all other lettering is great. L and R on headband are mint. Grilles are mint as well. Just take care of them avoiding scratching. Cups have slight scuffing that has been there since I bought them (new). It doesn't even show in the pictures. Probably can be buffed or polished but I've never tried. Bowl Pads are like new condition. These phones have been babied, kept in a drawer on a headphone hanger. 


Included will be a headphone case, the buttons and a 1/2 to 1/4 adapter originally for Senn HD-650. I have the box but am not going to waste money shipping it. Buy a pizza and write Grado on the box if you want one!


Asking price is set in stone. I've put a lot of work into these and am not going to cater to lower offers. Shipping included CONUS




Thanks, Joel

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very nice looking!!!! Might just hit you up for them.

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