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Monster Turbine Ear Hooks (for sale perhaps?)

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So I am getting a pair of Monster Turbine Pro's and one of the main reasons I listen to music is to aid with my motivation of working out. I absolutely hate when my IEM's slide out of my ear during a set, as that happened so many times with my Vibes, and I just don't want to deal with that.  I know that the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers and Golds come with ear hooks, and I really don't want to spend an extra $120 bucks to get that little functionality. I know that there are a lot of people on this forum that have Turbine Coppers and Golds, and I was wondering if anybody was willing to sell me a set (2) earhooks if your not using them. It would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I'm looking for a 100% damage free earhook. 

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Try the for sale/trade section.

BTW the Golds don't come with the ear hooks--or at least, mine didn't.  It's only the Coppers.  I've also heard that the hooks don't work well.

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I just got my second set of Turbine's last month.  My first pair developed fell victim to my daughter's puppy who somehow got a hold of them.  Anyway, my new Turbines differed from my old ones in that the plug was 90 degrees and they included the ear hooks. 


The ear hooks are a good idea, but poor execution.  They don't work well at all for keeping the headphones planted in your ear.  They are flexible, but not in a way that I could really get them to mold to my ear where they did a whole lot.  Plus, you had to readjust them every time you took them off.  To top it off, the clips where the wire locks in at the bottom broke off on each of them about a day apart.  So, if the hooks where a consideration, I wouldn't bother.


On another note, I think my old Turbines were much better than my newer ones.  Same model, but the new ones seem really muddy and lack the punch of the old ones.  Not sure why that it, but they don't sound any better than other headphones I have that cost less than half as much. 

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I'm about to get my MTPC in the mail, and I know I wont use it. Perhaps we can make a deal?

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I have the Monster Turbine Pro Copper earphones and love them but the ear hooks are very bothersome. They just slip on and off of the earphones but they don't stay in place. They are always constantly slipping off. They don't just lock into place. I would not recommend them. I am actually looking for something else to help keep them from falling out of my ears. Tonight, I was playing a set at church and one of the ear hooks fell off on the floor right in the middle of playing. I have some tips that fit well enough that they don't fall out too often without the ear hooks, so I might just try using them that way. Does anyone have any other ideas for some other sort of gadget to keep them from falling out of my ears?

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you could get these. i use the white/clear ones for my VSonics and DBA-02's. i should order some more myself actually...




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For anyone wondering, I just received a replacement pair of Turbine Gold Pro's w/ ControlTalk and they include the ear hooks.  Can't decide if I like them yet, but nice to have the option.

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ill make a deal with you if i can get the monster turbine pros i wanna listen to them i got a bunch of rap i listen to and im looking for a good quality bass earbuds please message me back i really wanna have a pair of the mtpc 

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