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For Sale: Yulong D100 - SOLD

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For Sale:
Yulong D100 - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Mint condition Yulong D100 dac/amp for sale - $SOLD local pickup in Brooklyn, or shipping at cost anywhere.





Bought a whole mess of stuff to compare that I now have to sell off: 4 dacs, 2 amps, 2 spdif-usb connectors, etc.


This has been used less than a month total, still not entirely burnt in.  

Absolutely mint condition, indistinguishable from new.  


No issues whatsoever.  Convinced this combination dac/amp remains one of the true bargains to be had in the sub-$500 range.  You've got a $200 Matrix M-Stage quality amp attached to a $400 dac for only $450.  In head to heads, I often chose this over the new sabre Peachtree Dac*IT that computeraudiophile raved about, as well as the Centrance Dacport and Dacport LX.  The amp well outperforms my ibasso.


Only reason for sale is that I'm going to stick with my Eastern Electric Minimax, a unit that, after the requisite amplifier, is 250% the cost for a VERY marginal improvement.  


Balanced outputs for running to powered speakers.  Can be improved upon with a $99 v-link (also for sale soon.)  I hate the term "giant killer" but this is a seriously good buy.  Save $50 on an as-new unit.


PM with any questions, not with lowballs.




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PM sent.

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