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For Sale: BRAND NEW Vsonic GR-07

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For Sale:
BRAND NEW Vsonic GR-07

Will Ship To: EU

BRAND NEW, absolutely MINT condition, bought a few days ago, with receipt and 1 year warranty. No more than 2 hours listening on them.


These are being compared to three driver, 3 way crossover IEMs that cost 3x as much (SM3, UM3X, etc) and I can confirm that as a UM3X RC owner. They pretty much sound like the same IEM. This new bio-cellulose driver provides forward mids ala UM3X/SM3 and deep/punchy bass as well as phenomenal clarity.


They are the Kings of clarity (on pair with the UM3X and much more than the SM3), with outstanding, high-end forward mids and DEEP bass, for a ridiculously low price. They are the perfect backup for your UM3X. You won't notice the difference. They deliver the best vocals I have ever heard on a IEM.


Just selling due to a fit issue on the right ear (they fall - I have a HUGE right ear canal). Original box and all the acessories as they came from the store (provided tips are unused since I've used my owns).


Buying from me or getting them new from a store is exactly the same thing with the difference that you save some money.


120 EUR. FREE shipping (worlwide). PayPal fee included.


NOTE: This is the latest version, with a better cable, etc.


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