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US Availability for FiiO E17 - Page 9

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No updates from Micca themselves but it seems that FiiO has sent out another shipment!


Micca guys, do the blanks next to the USA dealers mean the shipment hasn't landed or that it's not coming to us this round? 

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Soooo.... They've updated the news post on FiiO saying miccastore got a shipment....what's up guys?

Edit: today seems to be the date it left the factory. Pumped,
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The shipment was sent out yesterday, but we have not received it yet. It typically takes a week for shipments to be delivered. As usual, we are posting updates through Twitter and Facebook. We will also post updates here.


There has not been a dedicated E9/E17 bundle yet, I think, though I think it was available for purchase for the total of $239.95 in the two previous shipments.



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The FiiO E17's are already in Virginia - that was quick. However, they won't be delivered until Monday. So if a delivery is confirmed for Monday, it will be available for order starting at 12:00 noon EST on Monday 4/2.



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It's available for order at now.

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Was just going to post, the E17 is available for ordering now. The official announcement was for 12:00 Noon EST...

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Excellent! Ordered! Seems you have some bonus for ordering E17?

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Originally Posted by paul99se View Post

It's available for order at now.

Excellent! Ordered! Seems you have some bonus for ordering E17.

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Ordered! Sweeeeeet. Got a shirt too. Can't wait to not have a portable amp anymore, haha. 



Thanks guys. 

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Hi guys... long time lurker here. Set my alarm so I could order this at work.

Had to tell the boss what I was doing and told him that I had

to order it (boss's computer).Ordered it so fast that I didn't even see the

free bundled stuff. Even the boss was happy for me.


Hope this thing takes the edge off the Pro 900 headphones

with the treble adjustments and without the Kees Mod. 

Looking foward to the bass boost as well.

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Ring up another sale. I've been lurking for awhile and patiently waiting for the E17 to become available again. It's nice that the bonus cable, adapter, and T-shirt are being thrown into the deal. I placed my order today. This will be my first DAC and I can't wait to try it! smily_headphones1.gif

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Does anybody know where I could get E17 now? It doesn't appear on Amazon. I tried contacting Fiio and they replied that the next shipment to US/EU is expected in 1-2 weeks...


Thanks for info!




Ouuups, my reading skills seem to be terrible. Micca Store, I see. Only XXL shirts left though :(.

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They r on Amazon now
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these disappeared from amazon again, anyone know anything?

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The new batch of ALPEN/E17 will be available on 15th, I guess it will launch Amazon on 25th. All the stocked must be sold out now

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